I first thought of setting up an erotic massage agency when I was working for one of the biggest gay massage providers in London. It had just been strongly suggested that I should take on a fourth booking in the same day, and I was exhausted. As I stood under a warm shower after the session, I thought: this could be done better. Better for the masseurs, better for our clients, who should not feel rushed through what should be a highly relaxing experience. Back then, however, the time just wasn’t right – I still had a lot to learn.

While there are a lot of female-fronted massage agencies in London, nude male massage is still a somewhat niche occupation. It is hard to get the balance right. Many masseurs choose to work by themselves, which is preferable by some clients, but does not provide a safety net on a bad month. Some work for agencies – but it is not easy to find one where the masseur is really his own man and the client gets a personal service. So when we finally set out to open our own agency, we knew where to start. And it is important that we get it right from the beginning.

Quality control is particularly important when operating a mobile massage service. Disappointing as it was to hear about the closure of yet another branch of Chariots – a long-standing gay sauna in London – it is a fact that both the clients and the masseurs increasingly seek out an alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortal massage parlour. There are some great benefits to a mobile service. For example, we try to exploit the intimacy of a home environment to help you relax, and since masseurs live all over central London, you are able to choose a location that’s most convenient. A call-out service is also available should you like to be visited at your hotel or home.

Another time I will write about how to choose the right masseur for you, but in brief I can just say that your masseur has to read you – the movements of your body, the desires of your mind.

We hope you are ready to enjoy a pampering that you undoubtedly deserve. Our London agency has set itself the goal of exceeding your expectations, and we have just the right man for the job.