Absolutely. This is what we do to ensure complete discretion:

  • Any information that you supply to us (including text messages and your phone number) will only be retained for as long as it is necessary to fulfill your order. After that these details will be permanently deleted.
  • We will only communicate to you in a method that suits you. So if you ask us to text and not to call, your choice will be respected.
  • We do not mention the name of the company when we answer phone calls. We do not provide information to questions like ‘who are you?’.
  • If you are booking an outcall to your hotel room, you will be asked if you prefer to meet your masseur in the lobby or whether they should go straight up to your room
We do not operate a massage parlour, and, unless it’s an outcall, the massage will take place in the masseur’s private flat, which will be situated in London transport zone 1.

It is so for two reasons: one, a private flat provides a safe, discreet and intimate environment, where you will be able to relax; and two, the masseurs are freelancers with no ‘top down’ management, so it makes sense that they can choose their place of work.

If you call and ask, James will be able to direct you to the masseur closest to your location.

To put it briefly, Tantric massage is a more intimate and sensual experience. It incorporates Body-to-Body massage with the added benefit of certain elements borrowed from ancient Eastern knowledge (such as aligned breathing). The aim is to sustain tension, therefore providing a more climactic resolution. For the descriptions of our massages, please refer to the page called Services & Pricing.
We operate a non-judgemental and non-discriminatory policy. The massage is within the boundaries that you set yourself, and you will be in complete control at all times. If you inform your bookings administrator of any special requests when booking, these will be communicated to the masseur before the massage.
You can increase or decrease your involvement at any time during the massage. The aim is to relax you, not to push you into something that you feel uncomfortable with.
Couples are welcome to book with two provisions: one, there has to be a minimum one masseur per person (the rule is that no masseur should ever be outnumbered); and two, that you book a little in advance and give us time to organise this (as one masseur will need to travel to his colleague’s flat).
Masseurs are able to travel within London transport zones 1-2.


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