Tantric massage rests on the belief that sexual happiness and fullfilment are directly connected to our emotional and physical well-being. Tantric massage combines breathing rituals, visualisations, sensual body to body massage and intimate touching and holding. The idea is to bring your physical senses to a state of bliss, whereby, all your everyday worries and concerns simply melt away and you enter a state of complete and unadulterated bliss in the arms of your handsome masseur. Tantric massage will harmonize your sexual and spiritual energies, harnessing your natural impulses and turning them into gratification, bliss and happiness.


Classic body to body massage always starts with either deep tissue or Swedish massage. After having applied a warm oil formula to your entire body (we use only the best of the best) the masseur will use his naked body to massage yours, in its entirety. The masseur will stimulate the different parts of the body which trigger sexual excitation, during body to body massage you will experience a heightened level of  intimacy between the masseur and yourself.  Erotic gay massages are known to help treat various sexual drive problems the people may be suffering from. Whether you are gay, bi or bi curious, our excellent masseurs will provide a world class service, something that you will always remember fondly.


Nuru massage is performed using Nuru Gel, which is 100% plant based. In Japanese the word Nuru means slippery, and once you have a Nuru massage you will realise why. Many people erroneously refer to Nuru Gel as Nuru oil, they are completely different things. Nuru gel is made from the pure extracts of 3 types of deep sea weed, aloe-vera and grapefruit. The gel is tasteless, odourless, colourless and a fantastic skin moisturiser and of course extremely slippery. The massage itself is performed on a bed with a waterproof sheet on it to increase the ease of performing the massage. We know a lot about Nuru and, a Nuru massage from Touch of London will be something that you will never forget.


Even in our permissive society discussing ones fantasies has always been a social taboo. People get distinctly uneasy when any one broaches the subject. Having a great and fulfilling massage is more than the total sum of sensory pleasure. The Tie and Tease massage is about acting your submissive fantasies at the hands of your drop dead gorgeous masseur, that in spite of his very good looks is very strict. You will be Tied and Teased whilst receiving a Classic body to body massage in the company of your beautiful masseur.


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