• gay nuru massage: white oiled male standing, wearing a white towel around his waist

Nuru Massage

At Touch of London, we are always interested in the more unusual and exotic massage techniques. If you are new to the world of erotic male massage, you may have not heard of gay Nuru Massage. Nuru massage originates in Japan, and we are happy to be able to offer it to our clients in London. The word ‘nuru’ originates from Japanese for ‘slippery’, which gives you a hint of what awaits you.

Special properties of the plant-based lotion

The message is performed using Nuru lotion, which is produced from Nori seaweed and is 100% plant-based. It resembles a gel, is flavourless and odourless. Often made from three types of seaweed, the lotion can also have added chamomile, grapefruit extract, aloe vera and other ingredients to pamper your skin. It’s an excellent skin moisturiser, personal lubricant and massage aid. The magic happens once your masseur activates the gel using a small amount of warm water. As its Japanese name suggests, Nuru lotion becomes extraordinarily slippery.

Preparing for your gay nuru massage

It is generally advisable to shower before a Nuru massage. Your handsome masseur will shower before you arrive, and a shower will be available for you should you wish to use it. Alternatively, you might choose to go ‘all in’ and treat yourself to the spa package (see the Wet’n’Wild option).

What can you expect?

The massage begins with the masseur coating your body in Nuru lotion. Feel free to get lost in sensation of his hands caressing every part of you. He will also rub his own body with the gel (you may help him if you’re feeling nice). The massage will take place on a rubberised sheet or a Nuru mattress, which will allow your bodies to glide with ease. Your masseur will use his whole body to cover as much of your skin area as possible, sliding over you in a gently massaging fashion. Most satisfyingly, he will be aiming for maximum physical contact in order to fully utilise the slippery properties of the Nuru lotion. The massage will trigger strong tactile sensations, which will bring relief from stress and fatigue.

Traditional massage and gay nuru massage

Traditional massage that uses pressure points is more complicated with Nuru, as you will be extremely slippery. But fear not! We know a lot about Nuru, and your masseur will show you how to truly enjoy this exciting technique. He will use a special sequence of movements that this style of massage demands. You will be excited, relaxed, then arousal may occur. The massage will end with you reaching a point of pure relaxation and bliss, then following this with a warm shower.

Ready to give it a try?

If you’re adventurous and in need of some serious pampering, Nuru Massage is for you. If it’s your first time, make it count and book yourself a massage with one of our specialist masseurs.