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Welcome to our boutique gay massage agency in London

Touch of London Gay Massage was founded in 2016 by two friends with a shared background in male massage. We felt that there could be a different way to do gay massage in London. Firstly, we wanted to put quality before quantity. Secondly, we wished to treat people we work with as well as people who come to us for a massage. What we didn’t know at the time was whether doing the right thing would improve our long-term prospects. As a result, we now have regular clients and we are less dependent on search engine visibility and advertising. If you are new to us, we hope that you will enjoy our high quality service grounded in mutual respect.

A good male massage is a feast for the senses. At Touch of London, we are aiming exactly for that. You can expect comfortable, atmospheric and clean surroundings, exquisite company and expert touch. At first, our handsome masseur will apply his therapeutic knowledge to work the tension out of your muscles. This will prepare you for the highly sensual finale that comes next. It is not important if you’re gay, bisexual, straight or bi-curious. What is important is to live a rich and adventurous life. Begin by allowing yourself to discover the various types of pleasure that your body and mind can give you. We would love to help you with that.

How we work

We have many years of experience in the industry and this allows us to tell what makes a truly great male massage. Our agency is known by its stellar reputation not only amongst gay massage aficionados but amongst masseurs as well, which means that we can choose to work with the best of the best. We offer training, collect feedback and conduct quality checks. When it comes to your massage experience, we don’t want to do “okay”. “Okay” is not what we trade in. We are here to bring fantasies to life, to offer indulgent escapism and leave you feeling pampered and cared for.

To do that we need to know a little about what you enjoy. There is a wealth of information on this website and you are invited to peruse our blog articles as much as the massage descriptions, they are written with an intelligent reader in mind. If you’re in a hurry, have a look at our massage options and pricing, or text/call/Whatsapp us on 07492 898079 and James & Justin will answer any questions you might have. There is no pressure to book. We have a lot of experience advising shy first-timers, scheduling for busy executives and assuring people that their fantasy is a beautiful adventure to be embarked on and not something to be locked in a closet.


Our services are not cheap and the pricing is matched by exceptional quality. Men who book with us know that safety and discretion are guaranteed. The masseurs are qualified, trained and are never asked to deliver the type of massage that they’re unfamiliar with or uncomfortable with. Erotic male massage is as much about skill as it is about connection. Sometimes we don’t make a booking because something does not measure up to our quality promise. Maybe the masseur hasn’t slept well and might not be in top form or maybe a couple is going through a difficult time and couples’ massage is not the best thing for them right now. And that’s fine. We play the long game. Long-term relationships with clients who trust our service are what we truly value.

We love getting great feedback and we always pass it on to the masseurs. But no one is immune from making mistakes and we want to learn from ours. So if something was not quite right, please speak to us and help us put it right.

You might see us listed on well-respected gay and massage sites such as Pink UK and Tantra UK.

Your male massage experience

A sensual, mind-blowing massage is impossible without intimacy. We have kept this in mind when visualising the type of experience that we wanted to offer. Massage parlours with their latex-glove professionalism are great but we wanted something that’s a little more personal. That’s why the massage takes place in the masseur’s own home or studio where you can both relax and unwind. Ambient lighting and soft music create an intimate and warm atmosphere. There’s a shower and freshly laundered towels for you to use (want to shower together and add some extra time to your massage? See the Wet’n’Wild option).

The bed or massage table (your choice) will be ready and waiting for you. If you have booked a 1.5h Tantric or Tantric BFE massage, your masseur will take you through an undressing ritual. The undressing ritual is to your massage experience what an hors d’oeuvre is to a dinner. The idea is to awaken your appetite, engage your senses and give you a glimpse of what’s to come. There’s a blindfolding element to the undressing ritual but you are always in control, so if the thought makes you uneasy, just let us know that you would rather proceed straight to your massage.

What about your masseur?

 You already know that he is exceptionally fit and handsome from his photos but there’s something special about that moment when you first meet in real life. That chemistry is what can make or break a gay massage and that’s why we focus on personality as much as on skill when we choose our masseurs. A masseur who loves meeting new people and enjoys giving pleasure is always going to be successful. Training can be undertaken and qualifications obtained but that zest for life and love for other people come from within. That said, masseurs have different personalities and strengths. So do ask us for a recommendations if you need someone with a specialism in sports injuries or someone who particularly loves giving and receiving hugs.

Whether you book once or are a regular, we will be with you every step of the way. You will not be left on your own if you have an unexpected change of plans, can’t find the address, have additional questions or personal requests. We can’t always contact you (see the section on privacy below) but we are always ready to help when you need us.

Tailored to your needs and preferences

If you want to make a quick booking and move on with your day, we will by all means respect that. However, if you prefer to work out the details of your upcoming gay massage, we can tailor the experience to your personal preferences. There are a few ways you can approach this. You can write us an e-mail and detail your questions, expectations and requirements. Or you can get in touch with us over phone/text/Whatsapp and discuss your options with James or Justin in real time. Finally, if you would like to customise your massage but are unsure where to start, we have a helpful article on that.

The most important choice you will make will be that of your masseur. See our masseur profiles and let your senses guide you or ask us to recommend you someone according to your preferences. We have had 5+ years of experience in making such recommendations, although it’s not difficult as all of our masseurs are as skilled as they are gorgeous. It’s less about ‘Who’s the best?’ and more about ‘What’s your fantasy?’. The final customisation happens within the massage room, where your masseur will attune to the responses of your body to create that perfect blend of physical therapy and sensual excitement.

Your privacy matters to us

Whilst nowadays there is no legal or moral objection to booking a sensual massage (we have left the Victorian times far behind…), we believe that only you can decide who should know about your private affairs. We will never give your contact details to anyone and we will not contact you for marketing reasons. If you do want to hear from us, please sign up to our mailing list. Otherwise, it’s radio silence.

If you give us specific instructions how to contact you regarding your booking we will follow those. Otherwise we will use any contact details that you supply. To further protect your privacy we only accept cash payments. You can read more about how we run a discreet service and what you can do to further limit outside access to your private affairs in our article on the subject.

Some of you are very happy with the measures in place. Some feel they’re unnecessary. Whichever camp you belong to, we hope that you will appreciate that we are trying to err on the side of caution. A person’s privacy is not to be trifled with.

How to book your gay massage in London

We are open 10 AM – 11 PM, Monday to Sunday. You can book by filling in a booking form on our site, by e-mailing us or by contacting us by phone on 07492 898079 (call, text or message us on Whatsapp). We don’t do ‘hard’ sales. Feel free to get in touch and make an enquiry, we will only make a booking for you if you ask us to. You will then receive your booking confirmation with all the relevant details and we will ask you to confirm back that everything looks right. The amount quoted in the confirmation is the full amount payable, there are no hidden fees. See Prices & Services for an up-to-date price list.

How to get there

All of our masseurs work from their own homes and studios in Central London. Once you book your massage we will send you a confirmation text which includes the address. We recommend walking or taking an underground train to your destination. Taxis are comfortable for trips further away but the Central London traffic is horrendous and you could find yourself stuck for a long time. Whether you are a visitor to our city or a seasoned local, let us know if you need some help finding the address. James and Justin will be able to advice you on the right trains to take, the route to the right street and what the front entrance looks like.

We can also help if you are based in Central London and would like to find male massage near you. Just get in touch with your postcode and James & Justin will have a look at who is nearby and available. Whilst London is a large city, the city centre is quite compact and many places can be reached on foot.

Your gay massage in London

All of our erotic massages have therapeutic underpinnings. That means that when you book with us, you will receive the kind of massage that you can expect at a spa, only it goes a little further to maximise your pleasure and relaxation. We believe that an erotic massage is not an excuse for a shoddy pat-down and all of our masseurs are specialists in their field. The session starts with a Swedish or a Deep Tissue massage. Do let us know if you have a preference. Your masseur then proceeds to build the excitement to a highly pleasurable conclusion. Tantric and Tantric BFE massages of 1.5h and longer also include a sensual undressing ritual.

See our Massages page to read detailed descriptions or proceed to the Prices & Services page for the complete list of services. Our Body to Body massage is a sensual massage classic that is always popular with our clients. Tantric massage is a premium option designed to lift you up to a state of pure bliss. For the gentlemen who are looking for a truly personal service we offer Cuddle Tantra / BFE. Please note that it is of a very intimate nature and can be too sensual for first timers. Whichever massage you choose, our excellent masseurs will make it a sublime experience that you will want to repeat over and over again.

Other services

We offer some additional services which add to the length of your massage and enhance it by introducing new possibilities. Wet’n’Wild, or a shared bathing ritual, is very popular with our clients and can be included before or after your massage. We generally suggest that it’s best enjoyed beforehand in order to prepare your muscles for the massage. It can be booked for an additional fee and we generally recommend 30 minutes, although longer sessions are also possible.

Sacred Spot / P Spot massage can also be added to your session on request. It is not something that we would recommend to first-timers but some men find it highly pleasurable. Our masseurs are trained to perform this massage so it’s a great opportunity if you have always wanted to try this but did not have an option to do it safely.

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