Looking to massage at home? Massage is a pleasant activity to engage in with your partner, and your relationship will benefit from your loving touch. However, it’s a good idea to prepare well and safeguard yourselves against the common hazards. Here are 5 handy tips that will ensure that a special evening with your loved one does not result in an ‘unhappy ending’.

1. Watch those candles.

The recent fire at a Wigan massage parlour, caused by a candle falling on a towel, is a reminder to take care when setting up your workstation. Please your candles in sturdy candle holders, or for extra security, use tea lights floating in small bowls of water. Keep any candles away from soft furnishings and towels. Firemen may be hot, but it’s a good idea to keep your home safe.

2. Pick the right type of massage.

Deep tissue massage is best left to professionally trained masseurs, especially if the person you are massaging has had injuries that you need to be mindful of. However, a gentle and sensual massage would be a great option for a beginner masseur. Create the right atmosphere with scented oils and soft music. You may have heard of a masseuse who walked along her client’s spine, but that is definitely not a technique that should be attempted!

3. Dilute the essential oils.

Essential oils, such as bergamot, geranium and lavender are great for massage. However, do not apply them straight to the skin or you risk anything from dermatitis to an allergic reaction. Instead, add a few drops of the essential oil to a carrier oil, such as sweet almond or coconut oil. Mix it in and rub some of the mixed oil on the inside of your wrist. Leave it for 24 hours to ensure that you do not suffer any adverse effects.

4. Take care when oiling the more sensitive parts of the body.

It is generally a good idea to wipe most of the oil off your hands before you touch armpits, face or genitals of your partner, or any other area where the skin is thinner. To be extra safe, use a little of the carrier oil, with no essential oil added.

5. Communicate with the person you are massaging.

This includes enquiring about past injuries and sensitive spots, finding out what touch your partner enjoys and what he doesn’t like, and ensuring that the room is neither too hot nor too cold. Your partner may be ticklish. If so, avoid the touch that causes tickling and instead go for broad, flat hand strokes until the skin is sufficiently warmed up and ready for finer work.

That’s all! If you keep these tips in mind, you will have your partner writhing in pleasure, rather than pain. And if you are single or prefer a professional masseur’s touch, treat yourself to one of our luxurious massage offers. Our excellent masseurs will ensure your safety – and your pleasure.