“Let nothing come between the earth and your bare foot. Fear not, the dust will welcome your tread as it would welcome grass, and we shall all kiss your footprints.”

Philostratus – To a Barefoot Boy

Occasionally we will get a booking from someone who has a particular interest in feet. Sometimes he just wants extra time and care spent on his feet, at other times he is interested in the masseur’s feet. He may have questions about their shape and size, or he might ask whether the masseur could neglect to wash them when showering. As fetishes go, it seems that foot fetish might be one of the most loved and accepted. Or is it? On social media I asked Nate, who is a fan. “Who doesn’t like it? I mean, if my boyfriend was into that I’d just get endless foot massages”. So let’s talk about foot fetish, what it looks like and how you can get in on the action.

Origins of foot fetish

I’ll keep this brief: we don’t know. There are theories related to how different parts of our brain are linked together and theories about our childhood experiences. Additionally, sometimes people seem to ‘take up’ this fetish when other forms of sexual activity are not possible. There’s also a certain dominance/submission aspect to foot worship. Finally, feet contains lots of nerve endings and are extremely sensitive, which can explain them as an erogenous zone. Veneration of feet goes way back in our history, with ancient Greeks in particular having a penchant for this body part. Throughout the history of human culture, feet have been adorned for special occasions and lovingly described in poetry and prose.

Your mileage may vary

Like with any kind of fetish, it is wrong to assume that all people who have it are the same. If you don’t believe me, just ask balloon fetishists – things can go incredibly badly between those who like to stroke their intact balloons and those who like to pop them. Differences between foot fetishists are a lot less dramatic but they nevertheless exist.

  •  Some will prefer bare feet and some will like socked or accessorised feet. Footwear is also popular and can be a fetish in itself, without any involvement of the feet.
  • While scent is a strong attractant, some men will like fresh (light) sweat and some will prefer old (strong) sweat, whereas others will opt for no scent at all.
  •  Point of view can be important. Some will prefer to view a foot from above, others – from below. There are some who are aroused by seeing only a part of the foot (e.g. when wearing sandals).
  •  Interactions differ. Some men will want to touch, rub or massage feet (and not necessarily with their hands!), others will just observe. There are some who will want their own feet touched.

Here’s how to try foot play

You don’t have to be a foot fetishist to explore your relationship with feet. Whilst a foot fetishist needs feet to feel aroused, many of us can handle feet to enhance our bedroom play or simply to relax. I know someone who says “If you can think it, you should try it”. If taken to its conclusion this view could lead to a disaster but I like to invoke the spirit of it in a positive way, as an invitation to be open and adventurous. So what can you do with feet?


Massaging your partner’s feet is a great act of love but few people take time to massage their own feet. At most, we give our feet a quick rub-down when they give us trouble after too much walking. For a change of pace, treat it as you would a full-body massage. Read up on different massage techniques, set up the room with candles, pleasant scents and sounds, and take a foot bath before you begin. Close your eyes and give yourself enough time to do a good job. Remember that it’s not all about kneading and pressure points, there’s pleasure to be had from simply stroking and caressing your feet.


This is definitely not for everyone so do check with your partner before you end up getting kicked in the face. Try having your feet tickled as well. Don’t give in to the immediate itch to flinch away, focus on the sensation. Wait and see if it does anything for you. No? Let’s try something else.


This could include decorating them with henna, applying nail varnish, wearing ankle chains and toe rings. These activities remain niche but they are no longer a taboo for men. It’s your feet, you do what you like with them. Even if it’s making them look cute. Not your cup of tea? You can still dress your feet up in nice socks and shoes. If you have defaulted to sporty 5-packs throughout your life, this is your opportunity to discover what a beautiful dress sock can do for you. Hint: a lot.

Kissing feet

male feet resting on the edge of a balcony

Would you take this in your mouth?

This also involves licking and sucking on toes. To keep it hygienic, give your partner’s feet a good wash before you put your mouth to them. Once they are clean and dry, there’s no reason not to go all-in.


If the rest of this list doesn’t inspire you and it all just feels like unnecessary effort, this idea might be to your taste. Giving or receiving a footjob is overtly sexual and is very much a skill that improves with practice. At the very least, it’s a tick on your bucket list.

More intense forms of foot play

Whilst nearly everyone can get behind a foot massage, some forms of foot play are only for those who are looking for experiences on the more extreme end of the spectrum. Whilst we recommend only putting clean feet near your mouth, some people need very dirty or strong-smelling feet to feel aroused. Another serious form of foot play is foot gagging, which is exactly what it sounds like. If that sounds like your idea of fun, take responsibility for your safety and ensure that you have a non-verbal safeword arranged beforehand.

What is foot worship?

Foot worship normally refers to simply looking at, admiring, stroking, cupping and holding feet. It may also involve dressing feet up in socks, stockings or shoes. It’s a general term that in theory could encompass all of foot play. The main difference between ‘foot worship’ and ‘foot play’/’foot stuff’ is that foot worship implies an element of dominance and submission. Since not everyone approaches foot stuff from a power play perspective, the latter term is used more generally.