We get quite a few clients who enquire about Asian male massage. But what does it actually mean? This vague catch-all term can hide many different possibilities and our receptionist can be scratching his head, trying to figure out what you meant. When you next ask your massage agency for Asian male massage, this is what you might get:

1. A massage by an Asian masseur.

Which is fine, we all have preferences and there’s nothing wrong with that. But what kind of Asian do you mean? One client might be thinking about an East Asian masseur, from, say, Korea, and another’s cup of tea might be a Middle Eastern gent from, say, Egypt. Be clear from the outset and you are more likely to be pleased when you walk into the massage room! We don’t judge you, and we will try our best to find you what you need.

2. A male Nuru massage.

Which we do offer! Essentially, it’s a massage that originates from Japan and involves an extra-slippery, gliding sensation. It’s is always performed as a body-to-body massage. That is to say, the masseur uses his whole body to massage the client. The slipperiness is achieved by using a nuru mattress or bed cover (think an inflatable mattress/rubber sheeting) in conjunction with nuru lotion/gel (which is produced from seaweed).

3. A male Thai massage.

Imagine doing a sort of horizontal yoga, with someone pulling on different parts of your body and helping you to right positioning. It’s a massage that utilises Ayurvedic principles and can be very good for your overall health and posture. It doesn’t quite lend itself to sensuality that well, though. Also not one for those who fear finger/toe pulling.

4. A male massage at an Asian parlour.

This can include anything under the sun! Asian massage parlours, like any other parlours, can offer therapeutic and erotic massage. This may include body-to-body massage and a combination of different massage disciplines. So do ask questions beforehand to find out whether you are getting what your heart desires.

A little clearer?

Hopefully this will help you navigate the tricky idea of ‘Asian male massage’. Next time you look for such massage, be clear and up front with your agency, parlour or practitioner. This will save you venturing into something that can be very different from what you originally envisaged. Sometimes we all have different ideas about what different massage terms mean, and good communication is paramount.

A note on race

Finally, sometimes clients looking for ‘Asian male massage’ are in fact seeking a masseur who is comfortable with massaging Asian men. We’d like to take this opportunity to say that none of our masseurs are racists. We welcome men of all races, nationalities, ages, abilities and walks of life! This should not be something we need to explicitly state, but, unfortunately, the world can be a sad place sometimes.