If you have looked at becoming a male massage therapist in London and thought, “I could do this, but where do I start?”, this guide is for you. If your thoughts were more along the lines of, “I’d love to do this, but I don’t know if I could”, we’re writing for you as well. Hardened Londoners and new arrivals, here is how to land a job that is fun, keeps you in shape and pays well. You will need (not necessarily in that order): experience, skills, looks, charisma and marketing. Let’s roll.

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Skills & experience

The catch-22 of every job is that people who hire you are looking for experience, and you can only get experience once you have been hired. It’s one of those impossibilities that no one talks about in the world of employment, which often puts new starters in an awkward position of having to either work for no money (whilst their landlord demands rent payments all the same!) or to embellish their CVs. That’s how a cashier becomes a “customer relations manager”, and can you blame them?

Do you have something to build on?

Experience in the world of male massage is paramount, of course. How else will you know how to provide the service that your clients expect, or how to ensure your safety and the longevity of your business. Agencies like ours sometimes offer free training for masseurs who are just starting up, and it’s worth enquiring. For example, we might have a new male massage therapist in London who is great at body to body, but has no tantric experience, in which case we would offer him training. If you have any experience in therapeutic massage, it does count! You can contact an agency and see if they would train you up to the sensual elements of the job.

Or are you starting from zero?

But what if your massage skills and experience are limited to giving your best friend a back rub back in 2001? Firstly, if you can invest in your learning, go down the certification route and learn some basic massage skills. However, it’s still worth contacting an agency to see if they would be willing to invest in your learning. If you’ve got dashing good looks, a passion for massage and are looking for a long-term engagement, they just might!

therapist squeezing client's shoulder

You might want to know what you’re doing…or it could end up in tears

Looks & charisma

How do you like your masseurs? Chances are, when clients look for a male massage therapist in London, that’s what they’re looking for too. All of our masseurs work out daily, if not on most days of the week. We don’t ask them to, but they know that an attractive physique is more likely to attract the attention of their clients. However, it’s not all down to aesthetics: a massage therapist works hard. In order to be able to deliver a firm touch when you clients need it, you need to be strong and have high stamina. Gym, coupled with a dip in the pool, will help you greatly. That said, if a career as a male massage therapist in London is not your goal, you might still wish to have the body of a masseur ;)

Simple self-care is key

Of course, good looks extend beyond the muscles. We don’t condone the use of steroids, plastic surgery or insane skincare regimes. A masseur who gets his hair cut and facial hair trimmed, and loves the feel of a crisp clean shirt, is bound to appeal to most tastes. It’s that simple. You don’t need to become a Ken doll.

young man resting at the gym

This guy is seriously starting to doubt his vocation. Are you dedicated enough?

Looks are not everything

In terms of personality, it’s good to have one. Just be yourself! If this sounds too simple, here are two things you could work on. First of all, customer service. A smile goes a long way. Greeting your clients warmly and looking after them well will earn you customer loyalty. Remember aftercare: your job is not finished with the end of the massage. Walk your client to the door and ensure that their exit is as pleasant as their entrance. Just think about what you would want from your own massage therapist.


Secondly, communicate. For many clients this very well may be their first massage and they may be anxious. Don’t assume they know what you’re expecting of them, tell them if you need them to undress or lie down. Ask them about any prior injuries. During the massage, explain what you are doing and get feedback, where prudent. Clients can be ticklish or shy, and they will enjoy some massage strokes more than others. Good communication ensures that you learn what they enjoy and are in a position to give them just that (and more, perhaps).

Marketing your services as a male massage therapist in London

You can be the best male massage therapist in London, but if nobody knows about it, you are not going to be getting much custom. If you are unsure how to market yourself, join an agency and get them to do that for you. All you will need to focus on will be how to provide an excellent massage. If you prefer to go down the DIY route, here are the main things you need to do.

laptop showing data graphs

If you get sleepy just looking at this, you might need to outsource your marketing

Three key elements of online marketing

Firstly, set up a website. Everyone and your grandma turn to the internet when looking for products and services nowadays (although your grandma is probably not looking for a male massage therapist in London, unless she’s really cool). Secondly, make sure you optimise your website (how to do that? see here), so it features in search engine results. Finally, decide what your marketing budget is and dedicate some money to advertising. Marketing is a mammoth task: it burns through your time and budget, but it cannot be avoided. Are you an exceptional masseur and would like an agency to take some of your marketing burden? Why, just get in touch with us ;)

Further thoughts?

Anything we haven’t covered? Drop us a line, we’re always happy to share our knowledge with new faces in the business.