• Body to Body male massage - masseur wrapped in a white towel

Classic Body to Body Male Massage

There is a reason why classic Body to Body male massage is such a great favorite with our clients. It’s professional and therapeutic while the senses are heightened through erotic and sensual stimulation. It’s in the name, isn’t it?


Before your massage

Your masseur will attend to you enticingly dressed and freshly showered. A shower will be available for you as well, should you wish to use it before or after the massage. If you would like to add a spa element to your massage, please see the Wet & Wild option. A warm shower helps your muscles relax and get ready for the ensuing bodywork session.

What to expect?

Highly therapeutic…

Classic body to body male massage is a physical form of therapy. It always starts with either Deep Tissue or Swedish massage. Having applied a warm oil formula to your entire body (we use only the best quality oils) the masseur will use his naked body to massage yours, in its entirety. His legs, arms and torso will knead and stretch your tense muscles until you relax completely.

…yet seductively sensual

Once your stress knots have been taken care of, the more sensual part of the massage ensues. The masseur will gently rub his oiled body over yours, caressing your body and allowing you to savour the sensation of skin-on-skin. Such close contact allows you to get lost in an enjoyable reverie, as if you were gently waking from an erotic dream. Due to the naked nature of this massage and the relaxing properties of massage in general, stimulation may cause sexual excitement. The delightful finish will ensure that you leave the massage room without stress and fatigue weighing down your shoulders. You can expect to feel more relaxed, confident and ready to meet the challenges of daily life. Although a sensual delight, this massage contains all the elements of a professional therapeutic massage. The dual relaxing effect can be twice as efficient as that of a standard massage.

A time-tested practice

The technique of Body to Body Massage has roots in many traditional massage practices. Traditional massage specialists use them to relax and stimulate a lover. During body to body massage you will experience a heightened level of intimacy between the masseur and yourself. Erotic gay massage can be therapeutic in the treatment of various sexual problems, it helps overcome shyness and is just highly pleasurable in general. Then there are the benefits of massage in general: improved oxygen circulation, higher resilience to stress, reduced possibility of injuries and immune system illnesses, such as the common cold. Whether you are gay, bisexual or bicurious, our excellent masseurs will approach you with care and sensitivity to the needs of your body and mind.