Couples Massage

If you partner has been really, really good lately, perhaps it’s time to give them a special present. And why not treat yourself too? Our couples massage in Central London is for adventurous partners who love to have risqué experiences together. It is also a unique opportunity to observe each other in the grip of pleasure. Our couples massage would make a great gift to mark a memorable occasion or just to give yourselves a break from your busy lives. Your partner and your body will thank you.

An erotic experience to rekindle your passion

Besides the usual benefits of massage, such as relaxation, better blood circulation and a more positive outlook, there are certain benefits that are specific to the Couples Massage. For one, it’s an opportunity to have a strong erotic experience with your partner. It may be something to which you will think back for months to come. You will be able to observe them being massaged while you enjoy the touch of your handsome masseur. At the same time, your partner will steal glances at you. He will be getting excited by the sight of your masseurs’ body gliding over yours. There is nothing quite as sexy as watching your loved one give in to pleasure. A lived out fantasy will bring you closer together and may kindle a new kind of flame in your bedroom. What was it that made your partner gasp? Can you try it out together? The possibilities are endless.

Shared guilt-free pleasures

Furthermore, it’s a perfect option for partners who want to live out their individual fantasies of receiving sensual massage from gorgeous men, but fear this might cause jealousy and discord in their relationship. If you’re sharing the experience of erotic massage together, there is no deceit. Therefore this can be a perfect middle ground for some couples.

Rest assured that our masseurs, while handsome and playful, are true professionals. They will observe both you and your partner to ensure that you are both receiving an equal amount of attention, and are enjoying yourselves. Before a couples massage, the masseurs meet to briefly plan out the event and their individual roles within it. This ensures that their actions are coordinated and the session flows smoothly.

Finally, something as sinfully exciting as a massage by muscular, talented men, can become twice as sweet when you share it with your loved one. Without a doubt, you’ve shared many joys over your time together. So why not add this special experience to your list of happy memories?

Preparing for your couples massage

The first step is always to discuss the massage with your partner in order to determine if that is what he wants as well. If your partner is not on board, he will likely not enjoy the experience. It’s not a good idea to try and coax him into it. After all, the aim of the session is for both of you to have a safe and enjoyable massage. Does your partner seem excited about the prospect? Did his eyes light up? Then you’re on the right path. If you’d like some tips on how to broach the subject with your partner, we have written an article about it. Now let’s customise your experience.

When you book a couples massage, we will ask you a few questions. It is worth discussing them with your partner beforehand. First of all, would you like a classic couples massage, with two masseurs massaging you and your partner simultaneously? Or do you prefer that only one of you gets a massage, whilst the other one gets to watch? Finally, if you prefer to have separate massages with the same masseur (having your two sessions one after another), this is also an option, although we don’t consider it a ‘couples massage’ and it is charged at standard massage rates (please see Prices and Services for a clear breakdown).

Most couples opt for a simultaneous massage as it creates a shared experience. However, under some circumstances you might prefer to have separate appointments. For example, if it fits around your schedule better that way.

…and the fun part.

Once you have decided these matters, the fun part begins. You can look through the profiles of our gorgeous gay masseurs and choose your favourites. Some masseurs are particular about working with someone that they know well and trust, and we can always advise you which masseurs work together. However, if you have a request for two particular masseurs that you would like to perform the massage, we will try to arrange it on our end. Please speak to us!

The massage offered to couples is the best we have – Tantric BFE. However, we can also customise and adjust it to your preferences, just tell us if you have any specific requests.

What to expect?

Two mouth-watering masseurs will step down from your fantasy to greet you at the door. The room(s) will be set up for a perfectly relaxing experience: soft music playing, candlelight creating shadows on the walls, clean and crisp bedding. You will have the option to shower before and after the massage. We advice to have a warm shower before your massage in order to relax your muscles.

The massage of your dreams will follow, so all that is left is to relax and let your masseurs take the lead. You can read about the massage technique on the Tantric BFE massage page. The only way couples massage differs from Tantric BFE  is that you will have two masseurs working in tandem, and of course the presence of your partner will make it a truly special experience. Whichever masseurs you pick, they will do their best to give you a wonderful shared memory to take away. So if you are looking for a couples massage in London, why not give us a call and discuss your gay massage fantasy?

muscular masseur in black trousers offering tantric male massage to uk couples