What is Tantric BFE?

Tantric BFE is an all-in sensual experience and the most intimate massage that we offer. If you are looking to elevate your tantric massage to new heights and to discover new ground with your masseur, this is the option for you. It contains the following elements:

  • Cuddle tantra. In short, cuddle tantra is a tantric massage and cuddle therapy rolled into one. If you are familiar with both concepts, you can imagine what an intimate and relaxing experience you can expect. Tantric massage takes centre stage, giving you a full body treatment with a sensual twist. Cuddle therapy elements, such as intimate holding, spooning, and cuddling, already are integral to a tantric massage, but in cuddle tantra we give them more time and attention.
  • BFE stands for “boyfriend experience”. It’s a more intimate experience than massage alone can provide. Expect a lot of emotional contact, such as eye contact, hand holding, kissing and touching. Due to the heightened intimacy it crosses the line over from massage (where there is a masseur and the person receiving massage) and into real companionship between two adults. For the same reason, only masseurs with a genuine interest in this will be offering the experience. They have also been selected for being exceptionally warm, open-minded and giving.

Our most luxurious offer to date

Then we bring cuddle tantra and BFE together, et voila – that really is a luxurious experience. You will receive a high quality massage to help you relax and then your masseur will pamper you in a way that will leave you wanting for nothing.

Cuddle tantra should be seen as a variation of tantric massage. Both tantric massage and cuddle therapy are centred around intimate touch, the main difference being that regular cuddle therapy is not erotic in nature. Hence fusing the two seemed like a logical step. It’s not a new idea either, some tantric practitioners have been using cuddling in their sessions for a long time now. You can see it as a tantric massage with cuddles or a cuddling session that contains a massage and is erotic in nature. We have had clients asking for BFE for a while, and it seems like a very natural continuation from cuddle tantra, so now you can have both! It’s like having a boyfriend who just happens to be very skilled in massage. Who could say no to that?

What happens in a Tantric BFE session

If you have booked a session of 1.5h or more, it will start with the undressing ritual. Your masseur will blindfold and slowly undress you, teasing you and creating anticipation for what will happen next. A full-body, head-to-toe tantric massage will ensure, where your masseur will use both traditional Western massage techniques and learning from the Eastern tantric practice to give you a highly pleasurable treatment. Your muscles will be relaxed and your stress knots dissolved, leaving you with health benefits that stretch far beyond your massage session.

At the same time, you will experience intense erotic stimulation and a very blissful surrender, made even more powerful by the relaxed state of your body. Your masseur will give particular attention to tantric touch that builds intimacy, such as holding, spooning and cuddling. You will experience what it is like to completely abandon your worries in the strong arms of a handsome masseur. Really, it’s quite hard to describe, it has to be experienced!

Showering facilities are available on location.

Is Tantric BFE for me?

Tantric BFE will interest you if:

  • you are interested in exploring the intimacy that can be achieved through physical sensation and emotional connection
  • if you find that our regular tantric massage is not sensual enough for your tastes
  • you love the intimate touching and holding elements of tantric massage and would like to experience more of that
  • in the past you’ve had a cuddle therapy session, but felt that you would have liked a more erotic experience

If physical/emotional play is not your thing and you don’t want to keep the intimacy levels within the boundaries of a regular erotic massage, you will prefer our classic tantric massage. It really is very much a question of personal preference, mood and even what kind of experience you have had in your life.

How long should a Tantric BFE session be?

You can choose a 1h, 1.5h or a 2h session. For Tantric BFE, we’d recommend a minimum of 1.5h. Why? This ensures that there is time for a very thorough full body massage as well as the more intimate elements of your experience. You can book a one hour session and it will still be very enjoyable, but please keep in mind that the massage part will be a little shorter.

Male body stretching in between massage sessions

Why don’t all masseurs offer Tantric BFE?

We felt that this type of massage should only be offered by masseurs who naturally have exceptionally warm and giving personalities as well as an open-minded approach to new experiences. It is true that any sensual massage is about intimacy as well as skill, but this is especially true of Tantric BFE because there is the whole emotional dimension to it. The masseurs need natural flair and open-mindedness to create real intimacy, which means it has to be something they want to do, too. When you book with us, we will advise you of masseurs who specialise in Tantric BFE. You will know that they are passionate about what they do and that they have trained extensively in the art of tantric touch.

What are tantric massage and cuddle therapy?

We draw on both of these practices for Tantric BFE, but what are they, actually?

Read about our tantric massage.

Cuddle therapy is a relatively new concept, although cuddling has always been used in tantric practices. The underlying idea is that cuddling improves physical and mental health, and that most people don’t get enough of it in their everyday lives. When cuddling, our bodies release a hormone called oxytocin, which reduces blood pressure and cortisol levels. This, in turn, makes us more resistant to stress and helps to keep our heart healthy. Oxytocin, known as the ‘love hormone’ or ‘bonding hormone’, also reduces pain and strengthens the immune system.

There is also some evidence that we benefit from the kind of cuddling that we don’t get very often. Our cuddles are usually short, because most people get uncomfortable after a minute or so. However, in cuddle therapy, long, soothing cuddles are employed for maximum effect. Cuddle therapy is increasingly accepted as any other form of therapy, and can be used alongside psychological therapy.

Experience that is tailored for you

We all like different things, and have different needs at various points of our lives. In recognition of that, we try to offer a variety of massage options. However, you can tailor your Tantric BFE further in the following ways:

  • You can tells us about any problem points you would like the masseur to focus on.
  • You can ask for a more authentically Eastern approach to your tantric massage. We don’t offer it as a default because not everyone wants spirituality mixed in with their erotic massage. However, if that is what you are looking for, just ask. Our trained masseurs will be able to offer you an authentic experience.
  • It’s a good idea to specify the type of touch that you prefer (firm / medium / light). If during the massage you would prefer more or less pressure, please tell your masseur.
  • You can add a Wet’n’Wild – shared bathing ritual – to your session (there is an additional charge for this).
  • You can add a Sacred Spot / male G spot massage to your session (there is an additional charge for this).
  • Please let us know if it’s your first time receiving a gay erotic massage. If that is the case, your masseur will take it slow and make sure that you are comfortable with the pace of the experience. However, keep in mind that Tantric BFE is a highly erotic option and you might be more comfortable trying a Sensual Sports massage instead.
  • Finally, tell your masseur what you like! They are used to various requests and nothing will sound ‘weird’ when asked politely.