This is our FAQ section. We will be adding more responses as we go along, so please e-mail us with any questions that you have if the answer is not featured below. If you need a response urgently and you can’t find it in the FAQ below, you are always welcome to give us a ring and James will be happy to help.

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This is what we do to ensure complete discretion:

  • Any information that you supply to us (including text messages and your phone number) will only be retained for as long as it is necessary to fulfill your order. That is to say, after your massage we will permanently delete your details.
  • We will only communicate to you in a method that suits you. So if you ask us to text and not to call, we will respect your choice.
  • We do not mention the name of the company when we answer phone calls. Above all, we do not provide information to questions like ‘who are you?’.
  • If you are booking an outcall to your hotel room, we will ask you if you prefer to meet your masseur in the lobby or whether he should go straight up to your room

Although there is nothing legally or morally wrong with erotic massage, it is our view that everyone has the right to a private life (we are in agreement with the European Convention on Human Rights on this one). Therefore we will never compromise your privacy.

The only occasions on which we might contact you again are:

  • If you subscribed to our mailing list. We would send you our occasional mailings unless and until you tell us to stop.
  • If you ask us to contact you again for whatever reason.
  • If your massage fell below your expectations in some way. We would contact you to get more details and to tell you what we are going to do to rectify the situation.
  • If you booked over e-mail, we might ask you for feedback.

Central London locations

We do not operate a massage parlour, and, unless it’s an outcall, the massage will take place in the masseur’s private flat, which will be situated in London transport zone 1. It is so for two reasons: one, a private flat provides a safe, discreet and intimate environment, where you will be able to relax; and two, the masseurs are freelancers with no ‘top down’ management, so it makes sense that they can choose their place of work.

We can help you with directions

If you call/text and ask, James will be able to direct you to the masseur who is located closest to where you are based. Alternatively, you could see the masseur locations in their individual profiles (under ‘Masseurs’).

Furthermore, we are always happy to provide directions to the masseur’s flat or help you find it if you get lost.

Degree of intimacy

To put it briefly, Tantric massage is a more intimate and sensual experience. That is to say, it begins in a similar way to a Body to Body massage, but has the added benefit of certain elements borrowed from ancient Eastern knowledge and modern learning, which center on the unlocking of sexual potential in the receiver of the massage. The aim is to sustain tension, therefore providing a more climactic resolution. You can also read the detailed descriptions of the massages here: Body to Body massage | Tantric Massage.

The main different between our Body to Body and Sensual massages is that during a Body to Body massage, the masseur would use his whole body to massage you. During a Sensual massage, he would only use his hands. There is also a price different between the two (see ‘Prices and Services’).

Any man can benefit from a male massage

Gay massage is suitable for straight men, because ultimately it is a massage, performed by qualified and experienced masseurs. They are attractive and charming, that’s true, but first and foremost they are masseurs. Nothing in the world can “turn you gay”, that’s just silly. You are who you are, and your sexuality is a part of the biological and psychological data that makes up a person.

Furthermore, we know that sexuality is a spectrum. If you wanted to group all the world’s people into groups “gay”, “bisexual” and “straight”, it would not be possible, because there is so much more variety. The one question you need to ask yourself is: “do I want this kind of massage and would I find it enjoyable?”. We call it “gay massage”, but we could equally call it a “male massage”, a “male to male massage” or something else, and it would make no difference.

You are always in control

We operate a non-judgemental and non-discriminatory policy. The massage is within the boundaries that you set yourself, and you will be in complete control at all times. If you inform your bookings administrator of any special requests when booking, these will be communicated to the masseur before the massage.

You can increase or decrease your involvement at any time during the massage. The aim is to relax you, not to push you into something that you feel uncomfortable with. If you are unsure how sensual you would like the massage to be, give us a call and speak to James. Massages differ and he will be able to help you choose. We have had clients who requested purely therapeutic (sports/deep tissue/swedish) massage and that is perfectly fine too. Equally, you can ask your masseur to wear gym shorts if you feel uncomfortable with full nudity.

We welcome couples

Couples are welcome to book with two provisions: one, there has to be a minimum one masseur per person (the rule is that no masseur should ever be outnumbered); and two, that you book a little in advance and give us time to organise this (as one masseur will need to travel to his colleague’s flat). An expanded description of the Couples’ Massage is available under ‘Massages’. When writing to us, let us know of any preferences. We will try to book the masseurs you prefer, but if a masseur routinely works with another masseur, we will recommend that you book them together as they already know each other and communicate well. That way you are guaranteed a spectacular massage!

Masseurs are able to travel within London transport zones 1-2. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to book outcalls outside these areas. If you are based further away, why not visit your masseur in his home environment? All of our masseurs have beautiful and clean Central London flats, often with massage tables available (should you prefer one).

A perfect blend of therapeutic and sensual massage

If you have chosen the right masseur, you can expect an excellent therapeutic massage with sensual elements. You will be welcomed by your masseur, who will lead you into the room and tell you what happens next. Any good masseur will have showering facilities available for you to use before and after the massage (as required). You will be asked to undress and lie down on the massage table or bed. From then on, just relax!

Your masseur will take the lead. He will knead your muscles, combining intimate touch with established massage techniques. Most gay massage involves mutual touching, but if in doubt – do ask. Remember that this experience is for you to enjoy, so let yourself be submerged in the world of fantasy.

The answer is, I don’t know. You could be gay, bisexual, straight or something else. Your sexuality is your business and something only you can determine. Some useful questions you can ask yourself are:

  • Do you get aroused only during male massage?
  • Do you ever get aroused by men / women / people of other genders?
  • If you watch pornography, what kind of pornography are you drawn to?
  • Whom have you had sex with and how did it feel?
  • What do you fantasise about and when do you do it?

Human sexuality can be complex, it exists on a spectrum, and the labels (“gay”, “straight”, etc.) are created by humans for our convenience. So don’t worry too much about “belonging” to any particular group. Just be the way you are, enjoy it and if the labels help – use them. If not – don’t.


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