Last updated: December 2023

Our masseur locations

In this week’s post we will try and draw up a list of our masseur locations in order to help you access gay erotic massage in London near you. This should be will be a valuable resource if you can’t/won’t travel and you would prefer to look for gay massage near you. Of course, the Touch of London gay massage agency also offers mobile massage, and you can always request that your masseur visits you at your location in London (we charge £50 for your masseur’s time and the taxi fare, and 100% of this fee goes to the masseur).

North/West London

Domenic is in Edgware Road.

South/West London

Anthony and George are based in Sloane Square.

Theo lives in Vauxhall.

Christopher is in Clapham Common.

West London

Adam is based in Notting Hill Gate.

Jonny resides in Baron’s Court.

Wesley lives in High Street Kensington.


Luis is available for outcalls only.

Where else can I look?

Whilst we avoid advertising our direct competition here for obvious reasons, it may be that we just don’t have what you are looking for. Well…we can at least point your search in the right direction! Some of the places you might want to look for are:

  • Agency websites. Such as ours. There are…less than few in London.
  • Individual masseur websites. Some masseurs prefer to manage their bookings themselves and a few of them have their own websites you can find using a search.
  • Directory sites listing profiles of individual masseurs. There are quite a lot of them currently. These can be quite good if there are any reviews left by other clients about individual masseurs.
  • If you are looking for a tantric massage, there are a few websites out there listing tantric massage providers.
  • Business directories. While booking a massage always requires some research and caution, I would be particularly careful with business directories. Unless there is a link to a website, these often have little information. If only a number is listed, be aware what you know about this business: nothing.
  • Looking for gay massage outside London? See our comprehensive list of UK providers.

Gay erotic massage if you are new to London

It could be that the above list doesn’t tell you much. Perhaps you haven’t been to London before or you don’t visit often. In that case, why not send us a text or give us a call? We can locate your hotel or place of residence and we can advice you of the nearest masseur to your location. What is more, we would be happy to map your journey out for you at no extra cost. Any taxi driver will be able to take you to the desired address, but you can also access our masseur locations via public transport. James can help you plan your journey (which line to travel on, where to change, etc.) – it really is easier than it seems.

It is also worth noting that within Central London most locations are accessible on foot. So if you are used to walking, you can probably visit your masseur whilst you take in the city views.

What if I get lost?

If you get lost, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, you can switch GPS on your mobile (Google Maps app usually works well) and have it pinpoint your location. If your phone is not being very helpful, feel free to give us a call and we will help you work out where you are and where you need to go. If you pass a bus stop or an underground station, make use of the maps displayed there. And whatever happens, don’t panic! All locations for gay erotic massage that we offer are in Central London and you can’t be lost in Central London for long.

Can I book an outcall if I am not based in Central London?

The masseurs are only able to travel within transport zones 1 and 2. We would love to offer gay erotic massage in more parts of London (outer London, we love you!), but it’s a large city and travel is quite time consuming. We don’t believe that our clients would be happy paying excessive fares for their masseur’s travel time. Much better to spend that money on an unforgettable massage! So if you’re based further away from the centre, come and see your masseur at his place. He will make it worth your while. If it’s definitely not an option, contact us anyway. Perhaps someone will be able to make a longer trip :)

How to find out which zone you are located in?

Just figure out what your nearest underground station is (you can do this using Google Maps) and then refer to this map. If you’re still having trouble, send us a Whatsapp message and we’ll work it out for you.