Clients and friends (and my client friends!) often ask me: is gay massage what you want to do in life? Did you come to London for that? Don’t you get tired? Yes, I like being a masseur, and no, I don’t get tired, or tired enough to quit. Let me tell you why.

The fun factor of gay massage

Firstly, my job is fun. Not to boast, but do you get to get hot and sweaty with a mysterious stranger in your job? Ah, I thought not. The very thought gets me excited. See, there I am, jumping out of my shoes to go to work. Not many people can boast that. But not so fast, hothead. There is a lot of competition for gay massage in London, and to provide the very best, I have to be ready to put in extra effort.

Keeping in shape

So first I go and sweat it out in the gym, giving my muscles more tone and collecting appreciative looks from strangers (thank you!). I have a swim in the pool to make sure my breaststroke is quite as good as I thought it to be. You could say that it’s not quite the necessary skill for massage, but hey, it keeps me in shape. I’ve read that swimming tones pretty much all of your muscles, and so I like to throw in some pool time into my workout. See what happened here? My work keeps me in a good shape, too! How many jobs do that?

Pleased to be acquainted

Then finally, it’s the people. I enjoy the new faces, the conversations we have (or, if you prefer, let’s just be quiet – I am fluent in body language), the relaxing times together. Being able to make a difference to how someone feels through intimate massage is a great feeling. So you can say my job satisfaction is through the roof. Most importantly, I love to bring people pleasure.

We haven’t met yet, perhaps? That’s always exciting: what are you going to be like? What story your body will tell? Are you tense, nervous, under pressure? Will you relax under my touch immediately, or will you really make me sweat first? I am intrigued. There is only one way to find out. Afterwards, you can ask me if I like my job. And I will whisper: oh yes, I do. I love it.

Editor’s note: Alexander moved from London and is currently working abroad. We hope he’ll be back!

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