Tantric massage is offered by both male and female practitioners. Does it matter what gender, and what orientation your chosen practitioner is? And if so, why? The answer may seem to be intuitive, but if asked to explain, we often stop at simple ‘preference’. In this blog entry we try to see whether there are any reasons to choose specifically gay tantric massage, or if it is, indeed, only a matter of preference.

The nature of tantric massage

One thing to consider is that tantric massage is invariably erotic. It involves the massage of erogenous zones (see the list of erogenous zones) and releases trapped sexual energy. This means that the practitioner and the person receiving the massage experience a heightened sense of intimacy, which is normally reserved to lovers. Want to learn more about tantric massage? Find more information here.

Tantric massage for gay men

Due to the eroticism of tantric massage, a massage by a female practitioner might be unsuitable for a gay man. Even if he does not feel tense, the potential for the release of sexual energy remains unfulfilled. For the same reason, gay men often choose gay tantric masseurs, believing that their touch is going to be less restricted than that of straight masseurs. Successful tantric massage depends on the practitioner’s skill and your state of mind. Tantric practitioners train to induce the right state of mind through their touch, but choosing a practitioner that appeals to you definitely helps.

Tantric massage for straight men

But what about straight men, you might ask. Should they choose gay tantric massage as well? For a straight man a female tantric practitioner would be suitable. However, male-to-male tantric massage could open up new possibilities. Ultimately, it’s a massage, and not a sexual act. It is not uncommon for straight clients to seek out male tantric masseurs. Some do so because they believe that they will receive a firmer touch. Others want to explore the fuller spectrum of their sexuality. Finally, some straight men know the benefits of male bonding and value exclusively male experiences. Sometimes they see gay tantric masseurs as less inhibited and more comfortable with male tantric massage.

And the verdict?

In the end, the choice is yours. Gay tantric massage is just one type of tantric massage, which may or may not be for you. However, what is certain is that it is highly valued. A lot of our clients in London seek out specifically gay massage as they think it will be more relaxing and more likely to achieve a favourable outcome.