If you’ve heard of tantric massage and are interested in this practice, often shrouded in mysticism, you might be a little befuddled. Will you have to travel to Kathmandu? Climb a mountain peak to find a sage? Surely, you will at least need to travel to Asia? Well, you will need to do none of these things. Nor will you need to watch hours of Sting interviews, thankfully. You can find gay tantric massage in London – right on your doorstep (maybe not quite…but close enough).

Finding the right practitioner

Experience is important…

As tantric massage is invariably intimate, so a man who prefers a gentleman’s touch will probably look for a gay masseur. Then you will need to decide how much experience you need your masseur to have. Make sure to enquire whether a masseur you like has experience in tantric massage, specifically. Next, you need strength. Although the massage is gentle, it also needs to be firm enough to have the therapeutic effect. A tantric massage is not a cuddling session.

…but so is the right fit.

Finally, a masseur who is physically appealing to you is more likely to put you at ease, as a result of which you will relax and become more receptive to your masseur’s healing touch. Hence choose wisely and trust your senses. If you feel that you could have a good connection with a particular masseur, exchange a few messages and ask as many questions as you need. Only when you’re happy that it sounds like a good fit, it is time to go on and book your massage.

But where do I look for gay tantric massage in London?

You can find a variety of masseurs of all shapes, sizes and abilities online. You could look on social networking sites, but the risk is that you might end up with a masseur who is not competent. In such an event, you risk a poor experience at best and injuries at worst. However, directory sites like Tantralize, that specialise in tantric massage, can be particularly useful when you look for gay tantric massage in London. Some masseurs will have individual websites, some will work with an agency. The role of agencies such as ours is manyfold – quality control, ensuring safety and handling the administrative burden.

A good agency is more than a middle-man

First and foremost, we vet potential masseurs, ensure that they are skilled (and regularly upskilled) and that they perform the massage in a sufficiently comfortable and luxurious surroundings. Secondly, we weed out enquiries where the enquirer fails to refer to the masseur in a respectful manner. This ensures the safety of the masseurs. Finally, we act as the masseur’s receptionist and PA. We field calls, match clients with masseurs most suitable to their needs and formulate the marketing strategy. As a result, when you book through an agency, you know that there is a certain quality standard that you can expect.

The world is your oyster

If gay tantric massage in London is what you’re after, you have many options to choose from. Only you can decide what is right for you. We hope that after looking around, you will choose our experience, high standard of quality and gorgeous masseurs. You know what they say – choose wisely and you’ll only pay once!