‘Do you have someone with a lot of body hair? The hairier the better?’. This might strike some as an odd request, but I hear it quite frequently. There are quite a few men out there on the lookout for a hairy masseur to fit their gay massage fantasy. We don’t currently have anyone with a lot of body hair, I don’t know why (definitely not by design!). But natural body hair is definitely making a comeback, so this article is for hairy men and their admirers.

What do gay men think of body hair?

In the age of shaving, sugar waxing and anus bleaching (if this is where you first hear about it, I am sorry), it might seem that hairiness no longer has a place. Particularly amongst the gay men, who are often well groomed and very aware of their presentation. Prepare to be surprised! According to a survey conducted a few years ago, 58% of gay men prefer a hairy man as their partner. What does that tell us? It means that whether you are smooth or furry, mowing the lawn or letting the wilderness flourish, it’s equally fine. Do what feels good to you.

Why we love hairy men

If you prefer smooth guys, you might wonder: ‘what’s the appeal?’. So here’s one theory. The amount of body hair is in part controlled by the amount of testosterone a man has. High testosterone also translates into a high sex drive and is responsible for increased muscle mass. Therefore to some, a hairy man embodies the ultimate alpha male – masculine, bursting with testosterone, able to lift you up and throw you on the bed. A few of kinds of desirable men are portrayed as being hairy: bear, lumberjack, daddy types. And, er, Wolverine.

I want a man that’s so hairy he looks like he’d be slow in water.

Quote by Kat George

I’m a hairy guy, should I shave before my gay massage?

hairy male smiling

If you like to wear your fur, do so! Photo by Christian Buehner.

I do get this question sometimes, so I should probably mention this again: you don’t need to shave your body before you go in for a massage. You can choose to do it for personal reasons, but there really is no necessity. And beware that if you come in with minor regrowth, your skin will feel like sandpaper to your masseur. Long hairs are soft, a short stubble can be quite painful. If you do want to remove your hair, waxing will deliver a smoother result.

Ok, so how is a massage different for a hairy guy?

The main issue with long body hair is pulling. Ouch! There are things the masseur can do to prevent this but he is not a mind reader (wouldn’t that be awesome). Don’t wait for it to get painful, speak up even if you feel uncomfortable and it gets in the way of your relaxation. A good masseur will know how to adjust his approach, usually by applying more product or using a different massage medium

How do I find a hairy masseur?

It’s true that there aren’t many around. Most men who work as masseurs either are smooth or wax. Some wax for aesthetic reasons, some find it more hygienic. However, if you’d love a massage by a furry guy, it is doable. If you are speaking to an agency, ask. It’s not an unusual question, we get that asked a lot and we also know what our masseurs look like. Alternatively, you can try searching on sites like RentMasseur, where you can filter the masseurs by body hair. In other words: if all you want is a hairy masseur for a gay massage, you will have to search high and low, but your efforts will be rewarded.

I want to massage a hairy guy. What do I need to know?

Fancy turning the tables and giving someone a massage yourself? Hairy men ‘soak up’ more massage oil or lotion, so you have to use more in order to avoid pulling on the hairs and causing discomfort. That’s about the only difference when massaging a guy with lots of body hair. Sometimes using a lotion or cream solves the problem of pulling, as oil can cause your fingers to get caught in the hair. As usual, communication remains paramount. If you are unsure whether you’re causing your guy discomfort, simply ask.

Finally, a few myths about body hair

  • Hairiness is just down to testosterone. Nope! If that was the case, the Japanese would be as hairy as Europeans (and they have less body hair). Testosterone plays a role, but mostly the amount of body hair is determined by genetics.
  • If you shave, hair will regrow darker and thicker. Not true. It’s the same length for a while when it’s growing back, so it looks like there’s more of it. In addition, it feels coarser because of the sharp edge where you shaved it.
  • Eating spicy food will make you grow more chest hair. Does anyone even believe that? There’s some scientific basis for it, spicy food does encourage a hormonal response. A little bit. It will never come even close to what you’d need to encourage hair growth. Sorry.