This is an article on how to give a DIY nuru massage in a home environment. We also have an article on what nuru massage is and how you can book it with a professional masseur.

I have been asked how one can give a nuru massage to his partner at home, and the answer is: it’s slightly complicated (but not impossible). The lesser problem is that you will need to invest in some specialist equipment. It’s time consuming but doesn’t have to be expensive. The real challenge comes from the technique itself.

The slippery environment means that traditional massage techniques become tricky or impossible to employ and nuru masseurs undergo special training to be able to work under those conditions. That said, it’s not quite rocket science either. You may not be able to give a professional nuru massage without training but you can still do a pretty good job. And with your charming presence to add to the occasion, your partner will be delighted. He better be.

1. Get your gear in order

First of all, you will need a nuru sheet or mattress. You can improvise with a regular plastic/rubber sheet or mattress but it has to be smooth. As you slip and glide, you can’t have any sharp edges hurting the tender skin. “Ouch” is not how you want your partner to respond to your effort. That said, nuru sheets can be quite expensive, so a suitable rubber sheet is a good alternative.

Secondly, you will need nuru gel. Some people suggest you use lubricant as a replacement but it’s not the best idea. Lube will just turn sticky and unpleasant (and will likely cost you more). Get the real deal. It’s inexpensive and easy to find online. If you’d rather make your own, see the recipe below.

Nuru gel is designed to create that perfect gliding sensation when mixed with a little warm water. A little water goes a long way, so start with a small amount. When buying the gel, make sure it’s made entirely of seaweed with no gunk added. It will nourish your skin whilst you have fun. Win-win.

Nuru massage gel recipe

This will produce a nuru gel close to the kind that you can buy in a shop. It’s non-staining, safe, flavourless and odourless. If cost is an issue, this will be less expensive than the coconut oil option.


  • Food-grade sodium alginate – 1 tsp
  • Boiled water – let it cool a bit – 240ml / 1 cup

Add one teaspoon of food-grade sodium alginate to a cup of warm water. It will clump. Blend it until smooth, then leave to settle for an hour in a cool, dark place.

Another way to make nuru gel

This will produce a less authentic nuru gel as it doesn’t contain seaweed but the ingredients may be easier to source. Note that this contains coconut oil and so is not safe to use around latex condoms.


  • Food-grade glycerine – 100g / 3-4 oz
  • Coconut oil – 85g / 3 oz
  • Warm water – around 100ml /
  • Xanthan gum (optional)

Mix the first two ingredients, slowly adding the water until the desired consistency is reached. If the end result is too thin, you can thicken it by adding a small amount of xanthan gum.

2. Set up for easy clean-up

If you’re using a nuru/rubber sheet, roll up some towels and place them under the sheet along the edges of the bed. It’s helpful in a couple of ways. One, you won’t be spilling the gel on the carpet (it doesn’t stain – shouldn’t stain – but why risk it?). Two, it will stop you from accidentally sliding off the bed and onto the floor. Which does happen sometimes!

When the massage is over, you will be able to clear up easily by folding the sheet over and pooling the gel in the center. All you need then is a quick rinse.

3. To begin with, keep it simple

Since you don’t have the time to get your full nuru training, keep it simple.

Support yourself with your arms and glide your body over your partner’s. That in itself will be very arousing, but you can also vary your movements a little by swaying side to side or up and down.

To keep it interesting, ensure that you create contact between different parts of your bodies. So if you’ve been sliding your legs against your partner’s legs, move further up and use your upper legs to massage his buttocks. Use your nipples, use your elbows, try to be creative!

If you’re stumped for ideas, watch some videos of a nuru massage being performed (there are many examples online). Make sure you have some background music or ambient sounds to help you get into a rhythm.

3. Flip it over!

If you have strong forearms, you can turn over and use your back and buttocks to massage your partner. It’s a physically challenging move, so if it sounds like too much, maybe leave that butt-to-butt action for another time. What you can do instead is flip your partner over and massage the front of his body.

This is where the nuru massage gets especially steamy. It’s not a therapeutic massage because you would find it incredibly hard to stimulate the pressure points the way you would if you were using massage oil. It’s too slippery! Instead, what you get is a sensual indulgence. You give your partner a show whilst teasing him with your body. Touch is still the primary focus, but you’re working for stress release through arousal, rather than through the manipulation of the muscles.

Alternatively, you could start with your partner face up and later flip them to face down. The advantage of this positioning is that he can watch you getting lubed up – and you can take it slow, veeery slow.

4. Add thoughtful touches

male standing behind a wet glass

When did you have him hop in the shower with you and NOT enjoyed it? I thought so.

If you have tried nuru massage before, you might want to mix things up a little. Blindfold your partner to leave him guessing which parts of your body you’re using to massage him. Or actually make him guess and reward him if he answers correctly (or punish if he doesn’t!). This will encourage your partner to focus on the sensation of being touched and enhance the overall experience.

Nuru gel does dry and during a longer session you will need to reapply some water to keep it slippery. If you’re playful, one fun way to do it is by getting a water gun or two. Who says you can’t make war before you make love? Make sure that water is warm, though.

Finally, why not finish your massage with a shared shower? Everyone likes a soapy finale to their sensual massage.

5. Safety first

If you have a shower after a nuru massage, be careful. Nuru gel could have dried on your feet and would be reactivated upon contact with water. If you’re not expecting it, you could have a bad fall. So either: a) hold on to something (or someone); b) wipe your feet with a wet towel after the massage; c) place a small towel in the shower for a better grip. Also watch out during your walk to the shower: you could easily slip on lino, wooden or tiled surfaces.

6. Aroused and keen to take it further? No problem.

Nuru gel is water-based, so it’s safe to use with condoms and toys. If some of it ends up all over the place, this shouldn’t cause any issues. Natural nuru gel lubricates and has a slightly moisturising effect, that is all. To be sure there are no nasty additives, check the ingredients of the gel you’re buying. You want to avoid parabens, glycerin, phenoxyethanol and fragrance. Some retailers sell massage oil marketed as ‘nuru oil’ – this is not nuru gel. Products containing oil are not safe to use with condoms.