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Age: 22 years old

Location: Shepherd’s Bush

Weight: 76 kgs

Height: 6’3″

Ethnicity: Black

Build: Slender with perfect muscle definition

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Orientation: Gay

Set up: Bed

Incall: YES

Outcall: YES

masseur kain : muscular white male wearing white briefs
masseur kain : muscular white male with brown hair reclining on a sofa


Favorite Massage: Tantric massage

Experience:  8 months

Would suit you if:  you’d love a young Adonis to take your cares away

Boyish good looks and youthful energy

Endless summer nights, the first flush of love, laughing at silly jokes and the reassuring presence of friends. The liveliness and joy of youth is something we occasionally want to revisit. This is precisely the energy Jax brings to his work, making a massage session not just a healing experience but a wonderful memory you’ll want to return to over and over again. It’s not just his boyish good looks but his life-force that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and energised. You will receive a high quality massage, without a doubt, but you will also go away with something more, a new-found hunger for life and all that it has to offer. Do you dare?

The man of everyone’s fantasies

The consensus at Touch of London is that Jax is one of the most handsome masseurs working with us. Everyone who sees him in the flesh has no choice but to agree, as he truly is a man of everyone’s fantasies. His build is slender yet toned, with perfect muscle definition throughout. When people talk about ‘killer abs’, that’s what they have in mind. This is a build that is much coveted but very rarely seen in the wild. Jax has soft, youthful skin in a shade of dark gold, which complements his overall look. And his physique is more than matched by a gorgeous face, smooth and boyish, with a bright friendly smile lighting up his features when he speaks.

The masseur to leave you feeling fantastic

This man is a stunner and he knows it, but he carries his good looks lightly. Warm and affable, Jax makes a great companion who can make you forget your worries even during a short massage session. We’ve been told that’s what drew Jax to male massage in the first place, he loves to connect with people and leave them feeling fantastic. Whilst Jax doesn’t lack in energy, he is also a calm and polite massage professional, approaching his work in a focussed and methodical way. We expect he will go far in the industry. When he’s not busy working, he enjoys cooking healthy meals for himself and others, good company and exercise. Make a booking with Jax and get to know him in person!


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