Location & getting there

Camden is a borough in the north of London, but when Londoners say ‘Camden’, they often mean ‘Camden Town’. Camden Town is a busy district of Camden, surrounded by Primrose Hill to the west, King’s Cross to the east, Chalk Farm to the north and Regent’s Park to the south. If travelling by underground, you can reach Camden Town station by taking the Northern line or the overground (for overground, get off at Camden Road). The station is in fare zone 2. Camden Town is famous for its counterculture, colourful markets and nightlife. Nowadays it’s often criticised for being overly commercialised, poor value and crowded, but like everywhere else, it’s a matter of knowing where to go to find the true gems. There is quite a bit of petty crime in the area, so watch out for your belongings if you visit.

Gay massage near Camden Town

Currently we are unable to offer gay massage in Camden itself, as none of our masseurs reside there. However, you will not need to look far. You are only three stops away from gorgeous Felix who is based in Fitzrovia (get off at Warren Street). His private flat has everything you need for a truly relaxing session. Showering facilities are also available. For Luis who resides in Holborn, take a train from Camden Town Station (ensure that you take the Bank branch) and change at King’s Cross. Alternatively, you could visit William in Covent Garden. To book an outcall to your home or hotel, just let us know your preferred masseur when you call, text or Whatsapp us on +44 7492 898079. There is an additional £50 charge for outcalls (for taxi and travel time).

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Things to do in Camden Town

Explore the endless markets

Markets in Camden Town will remind you of a Middle Eastern bazaar. Which is to say that they are labyrinthine, and as stacks of items draw your gaze, you might find yourself suddenly lost. Fear not! The markets are not quite big enough to keep you forever and you’ll soon find your way out. To find the markets, look on both sides of the river. You’ll find food stalls, leather accessories, ripped off rock band t-shirts, questionable legal highs and piles of antiques. Some of the shops are located within the market, and Cyberdog in particular attracts a lot of tourists (they sell psytrance clothing that glows under UV lights). In the past, the market was known for selling magic mushrooms, which since has been made illegal.

Wreck your shoes while dancing

Music is big in Camden Town. Amy Winehouse may no longer walk among us, but famous musicians can still be spotted in Camden’s many pubs and venues. To catch a gig by a well known name, try the Roundhouse, Electric Ballroom or Koko (Koko club is also good for alternative hip hop, if that’s your thing). Jazz lovers have the Jazz Cafe. However, these places are only worth visiting if you want to see a specific act. Otherwise, give them a wide berth. You’ll avoid waiting in queues, getting frisked and paying over the odds for poor quality drinks. If all you want is a fun night out, go on a pub and bar crawl. You’ll find many venues offering live music, excellent cocktails and the kind of clientele that wants to carry on partying until the first light. Although if you have a gay massage booked for the following day, you might want to tone down on that Camden nightlife!

Soak up some sun

London does love its fake beaches. At least a few of them crop up every year and Camden is no exception. In summer, The Roundhouse lugs a few tons of golden sand onto its roof and it becomes a pretty passable beach. Grab a cocktail and a deckchair, and get that party started. If you’re visiting during the cold season, pack some sandwiches and mulled wine and climb the Primrose Hill instead. You’ll be able to bask in the sun in one of London’s prime natural spots, and as a bonus you will get an unparalleled view of the capital as the sun sets. It’s a favourite spot for kids skiving off school, lovers on a date, New Year’s revellers and just those who want to get away from the crowds below.