Location & getting there

Edgware Road is the immediate area surrounding the station of the same name. It shares the name with the road itself, which runs for 10 miles in a straight line. This west London area is bordered by Paddington to the west, Marylebone to the east, Lisson Grove to the north and Hyde Park to the south. The station is in transport fare zone 1. It is served by Circle, District and Hammersmith & City lines (don’t confuse it with Edgware station, which is in a different part of London). Some people call the Edgware Road area ‘little Cairo’ or ‘little Beirut’ due to the many Middle Eastern restaurants, shops and shisha cafes. The area is moderately safe in the vicinity of the station, but becomes less safe the further north you proceed, with some pockets considered ‘rough’.

Gay massage near Edgware Road

Our dashing masseur Marc resides in Edgware Road area itself, so you won’t have to look far for your massage. Alternatively, masseurs Domenic and Felix are just two stops away on the underground (in Bayswater and Great Portland Street, respectively). All of the masseurs work from their private flats where everything is set up for your comfort and enjoyment. You can expect fresh towels and showering facilities, so if you have to rush off to a meeting afterwards, this will not be a problem. Would you rather a masseur of your choice visited you at your home or hotel? You can always book an outcall (there’s a £50 charge for taxi and travel time). Whatever your preferences, please text, call or Whatsapp us on +44 7492 898079 to discuss your options.

Things to do in Edgware Road area

Enjoy the Middle Eastern vibe

To get a good feel for Edware Road, you only need to leave the station and take a walk down the road. Dip into local grocery shops for exotic finds. Celebrity chef Yotam Ottolenghi named Green Valley as one of his favourite shops, and with vats of pickles, freshly baked bread and baklava, there’s a lot of reason to visit. If cooking is not on the cards, there are many restaurants to choose from, smells of grilled meat wafting out onto the street. Finish your evening relaxing at a shisha cafe. You should feel the scent of apple tobacco before you even see the place itself. In the cold season, there will be lamp heaters and blankets, so you can choose to sit outside (although the air in the area is quite polluted, so I wouldn’t recommend that).

Have a stroll by the water

If the noise and pollution of Edgware Road has tired you out, you can find something approaching calm nearby. Weave your way through the office buildings to arrive at Paddington Basin. Then continue your walk along the water. There you can observe a different kind of life: narrowboat owners rummaging on their decks, large tour or restaurant boats standing majestically, office workers out for a sandwich. You can walk along the water for as long as you like, it goes on for miles. While in the vicinity of Edgware Road, look out for interesting modern sculpture, table tennis and miniature bridges. If visiting at 12pm on Wednesday or Friday, or 2pm on Saturday, you can observe a unique piece of engineering – the Rolling Bridge – in operation.

Contemplate modern art

Lisson Gallery is an influential art space, with its sister sites in New York and Shanghai, and yet many Londoners overlook it. Marina Abramovic, Ai Wei Wei and Anish Kapoor exhibit here, along with many other famous names. So why not take a five minute walk from the Edgware Road station and kill an hour at this small, but excellent gallery? More often than not, it’s empty enough to allow you to contemplate sculpture, photography, collage and painting in peace and quiet. Furthermore, the pristine white spaces bathed in natural light are wonderful in themselves. The gallery comprises two separate spaces (on Lisson and Bell streets). Admission is free.