Location & getting there

Russell Square is  in Bloomsbury, central west London. It is bordered by Euston to the north, Fitzrovia to the west, Clerkenwell to the east and Holborn to the south. Russell Square underground station is served by the Piccadilly line. However, you can also walk from Goodge Street station in 13 minutes (it’s served by the Northern line). In the past, Bloomsbury was famous for the artists, writers and publishers who lived in the area, and a few still remain. Nowadays Russell Square is mostly defined by the British Museum, the Great Ormond Street Hospital and the University of London, which has some of its premises here. There is still a strong residential element to the area with a mixture of social and private housing. And it is easy to see why Russell Square it’s so desirable. Its bohemian past and green spaces make for a nice place to live, if you can bear the air pollution and the crowds.

Gay massage in Russell Square

If you are looking for a gay massage within a close proximity to your home or hotel, you are in the luck. Our handsome and experienced masseur Luis resides in Holborn and his home is perfectly equipped for a relaxing massage session. As with all of our locations, showering facilities are available, so you can even squeeze a session in between the meetings. But only if you will be able to relax! Otherwise it’s best to book your massage when you have more time to enjoy it. Other masseurs nearby are William in Covent Garden and Felix in Fitzrovia (Warren Street or Goodge Street stop on the underground). It is also possible to book an outcall to your home or hotel, whereby a masseur of your choice will visit you instead. This service costs an extra £50 for taxi and travel time. Would you like to discuss your options further? Contact us on +44 7492 898079 (we’re on Whatsapp too).

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Things to do near Russell Square

Visit the British Museum

Without a doubt, the British Museum is the greatest attraction that Russell Square holds. Even those who think of it as a ‘warehouse of colonial loot’ have to acknowledge that it’s a pretty impressive collection of artefacts from around the world. They date from the early civilisations to the present time, so you might find it difficult to visit all of the collections in one go. Pressed for time? Grab a coffee (it’s not bad at all) and then go see the mummies (on the upper floors). If, however, you’re the type of visitor who likes to be thorough, you could easily spend 2+ days here. A tour or an audio guide, therefore, can be a great middle-of-the-way option. You will be able to take it all in without having to spend the whole weekend here. That said, do avoid the weekend because it gets incredibly busy.

Explore Asian and African art

The Brunei Gallery is part of SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London). It is tiny compared to the British Museum, but it’s a great quirky find. It only takes 15-30 minutes per visit, and there is always something interesting to see. Paintings of the Japanese mining industry, anyone? There’s a small Japanese garden on the rooftop too. It’s not that impressive in winter, but lovely during the warm season. Just so you’re aware: although it’s a lovely gallery with lots to offer, there’s a dark side too. Its name dates back to when the Sultan of Brunei donated funds for the building. There have been calls to change it because of the country’s crimes against the LGBT+ people.

Get reading

London as a whole is a great place for bookshops and Russell Square is one of the hot spots. SOAS has quirky little shop, but for a real treat, visit Skoob. Yes, that’s ‘books’ spelled backwards. The shop does not look impressive from the outside, but do give it a chance. They have a huge selection of second hand academic books and you don’t have to be a student to enjoy them. If you are a curious person, start browsing and you will soon end up down a rabbit hole that takes you some very exciting places. The shop has over 55,000 different titles. None of them are catalogued, so there is no telling what you will find. The atmosphere will remind you of a massive old library-cum-warehouse, so hold onto the hand of your friend or you will lose them.