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We offer some of the finest male massage in London, and choosing the massage is a pleasant part of the experience.

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Below are short descriptions of our gay massages. Click on the titles to see full descriptions, or go to Prices & Services to see our complete price list.

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Tantric massage is an exotic massage that pulls in elements from various fields such as Eastern learning, sexual therapy and bioenergetics. The core idea is that emotional, physical and sexual fulfillment have to be taken into account for overall wellbeing. Think of tantric massage as a layer cake: you start with a good quality therapeutic massage, then progress to a sensual and steamy experience, which in turn is blended with ancient learning strategies to maximise your sexual potential. Tantric massage is an intimate journey that will open up new horizons in physical, sexual and emotional wellbeing. Read more about Tantric massage.

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Body to body massage is a sensual massage classic. The masseur will use his whole body – arms, legs, torso and more – to massage yours, triggering sensations of pleasure, relaxation and sexual excitation. This gay full body massage is both intimate and thorough. You will experience stimulation and relief, tension and release, as your seductive masseur brings you to a state of utter bliss. Body to body massage starts with either a Deep Tissue or a Swedish massage, so those stress knots will be taken care of as well. If Tantric massage is the latest word in pleasure, Body to Body is an ever-popular classic. Read more about Body to Body massage.

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Nuru massage is a fun and exciting massage that originated in Japan. Your masseur will use a natural, 100% plant-based Nuru gel, which is packed with seaweed and other ingredients that do wonders for your skin. Once activated with water, Nuru gel becomes extremely slippery – and the word “nuru” means just that, “slippery” – allowing your masseur to glide his body over yours with ease. A special rubber sheeting or mattress has to be used to maximise the potential of the gel. Nuru massage is not easy to perform, and requires special training, but it is incredibly rewarding. Read more about Nuru massage.

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Tie & Tease is a male erotic massage with a kinky twist. Expect to be tied, blindfolded and teased into submission by your gorgeous masseur. The idea behind Tie & Tease is that while some of your senses (sight, ability to touch freely) are subdued, others will be stimulated instead, resulting in a powerful erotic experience. A full body massage forms the core of T&T, so think of it as a seductive massage for those who like light restraint. While this is not a hard BDSM session, please feel free to discuss your fantasies and preferences with us and we will see what we can do. Read more about Tie & Tease massage.

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Sometimes called a ‘bathing ritual’, Wet and Wild is an exciting option that can be added to any massage. Your masseur will take a relaxing hot bath with you, soaping you down and gently massaging you until you purr with pleasure. You can choose to experience Wet and Wild before your massage, as a luxurious introduction, or afterwards, for a glorious finish. It is generally recommended before your massage, as it prepares and relaxes the muscles. Expect crispy white bath towels and high quality bathing supplies, as well as lots of fun. Read more about the Wet and Wild experience.

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A great option for those who have never had a gay massage before. During a Sensual Sports Massage, the masseur will use his hands to massage the whole of your body, adjusting the pressure to your preferences and the needs of your body. It is a thorough massage with lots of opportunity to feast your eyes on your gorgeous masseur. If you are unsure where to start, but feel unprepared for a full-on erotic experience, Sensual Sports Massage is an excellent choice, as it will slowly ease you into the world of intimate male massage. Read more about our Sensual Sports massage.

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Our Couples Massage is an exquisite treat for both you and your partner. You can choose to be massaged simultaneously by two different masseurs, or one after another by the same masseur. It is also your choice whether you’d rather be massaged in the same room or different rooms. Our Couples Massage can be used to deepen emotional ties between you and your partner, or to celebrate a special occasion. We will always work with you and your partner to ensure that it is an equally enjoyable experience for both. All of our massages are available as four hand massages. Read more about our Couples Massage.

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If you are in the mood for a pampering fit for a king, we have just the thing. The four hand massage involves two masseurs massaging you at the same time, and it is available with most of our massages. The main benefit is that both sides of your body can be massaged simultaneously, creating an unparalleled sensation of comfort and luxury. Your masseurs will then proceed to give you a mind-blowing sensual experience in accordance to the massage that you choose. Our four hand massage is twice the fun and double the trouble (of the right sort!). See Prices & Services for the full massage menu, and choose from Tantric, Body to Body and Tie & Tease massages.


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