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Age: 29 years old

Location: Notting Hill

Weight: 80 kgs

Height: 6’1″

Ethnicity: Brazilian

Build: Toned and muscular

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Orientation: Bisexual

Set up: Bed / Massage table

Incall: YES

Outcall: YES

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masseur kain : muscular white male with brown hair reclining on a sofa


Favorite Massage:  It’s the chemistry that makes for a truly exciting massage and any massage can be amazing that way.

Experience:  6 years

Would suit you if:  you somehow have not managed to have a massage with Adam before. You have to try it!

Golden boy of the London massage scene

We are very excited to have one of the best male masseurs in London joining us at Touch of London. He may be stunning but make no mistake, Adam is known for his massage skills as much as for his sculpted body and handsome face. Having spent over six years perfecting his technique, he is unmatched when it comes to the dark arts of pleasure and seduction. Under the care of this flawless Adonis, you will be able to discover new frontiers in relaxation and desire. Just lie back and let him work his magic on you. You are in for a treat.

A sculpted Romeo from sunny shores

Adam hails from sunny Brazil and he brings some of that Latin heat to every massage session. At the same time he is a true Londoner, having lived and worked in the capital for many years. This well-built masseur starts his morning with a run in the park followed by meditation, and his healthy lifestyle is reflected in his impressive physique. His olive skin has a radiant glow and just begs to be touched. The muscles are perfectly defined, a result of hard work and perfect discipline. And his exquisite dark eyes and hair create that sense of mystery and sensuality that so inflames anyone’s imagination. Here’s your tall dark stranger…and he wants to show you something very special.

You will be spoiled and you will love it

Although many could envy Adam his experience and stellar reputation, our masseur has his priorities straight: “There’s this moment when the client leaves…if he’s had a really good time, he won’t be able to keep a smile off his face and that’s what I want to see.” Always the perfectionist, he sets himself a high bar and aims to give the best massage his clients have ever had. For the same reason, he is meticulous about the massage environment. Everything from the moment you step in is set up for your pleasure. So if you decide to book a massage with him, expect a feast for the senses. You will be spoiled and you will love it!


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 13 reviews
 by W
Simply the best

I had a wonderful time with Adam. He's kind, easy on the eyes and a great masseur!

 by Mark

Met Adam for a massage and would absolutely recommend. All of the logistics worked perfectly - he was easy to find, and had an immaculate place. He was highly skilled and intuitive. Wouldn’t hesitate to book again.

 by M. Almas
Perfect Chemistry with Adam

I had BFE session with adam in middle december, although i was nervous as this was my first time having massage in a big city but when i met Adam he put me at ease straight the way, the way he made me feel welcome and offered me some water and a little bit of chat from him made me very relaxed and comfortable.

The massage itself was very unique, Adam just made me forgot the outside world while i was with him, at the end i just couldn't believe that time flied at such speed.

I would definitly book with adam again when i'm back in london in future, yes the massage may be expensive than the other masseurs out there, but the whole experience from booking with James to meeting Adam is worth every bit of money spent.

My only confusion for future booking is i do want to try other masseurs as well as i'm sure they all will have their own unique experiences but on other hand i don't wan't to miss another session with Adam as whenever i visit london i can only visit for night.

 by Lapis

Adam was absolutely incredible. He set the ambience, tended to my needs and took great care of me. This was my first massage in London, and Adam exceeded every expectation!

 by Robin

Thanks for our time together today. Nice and relaxed, without any hurries or rush.

Made me feel very special and valued.

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