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Age: 27 years old

Location: Sloane Square

Weight: 73 kgs

Height: 5’10″

Ethnicity: Mixed Race

Build: Buff/muscular

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Orientation: Gay

Set up: Bed

Incall: YES

Outcall: YES

masseur anthony : a muscular mixed race male wearing white trunks and an unbuttoned white shirt
masseur anthony : muscular mixed-race male wearing blue gym trousers, with a skipping rope hanging from his shoulders


Favorite Massage: Classic Body-to-Body massage

Experience: 5 years in erotic massage

Would suit you if: You are a lover Tantric massage, masseur Anthony is the perfect choice.

Anthony, our exquisite mixed race American gentleman,  is amongst the most experienced masseurs at Touch of London. His skills are not decorative – he is a fully qualified sports masseur. This beautiful, buff and perfectly sculpted stud is engaging, intriguing, educated and drop dead gorgeous. In fact, Anthony ticks all the boxes – he is the personification of a hot, fit and loving Tantric masseur. With his good looks, spectacular physique, impeccable manners and a playful smile, Anthony will whet your sensual appetite and make you melt.

He is sophisticated and truly passionate about his Tantric Massage and he will take you on a sensual journey of pure and complete ecstasy. His tantalizing body to body massage technique is well admired. Furthermore, he has a natural skill to read your body and he is very perceptive. A rare gift indeed. He will take you to the heavenly gates of tantric bliss for an unforgettable experience. Book a unique and very special massage with Anthony.

“A healthy mind in a healthy body has always been a deeply held belief of mine. Being a Tantric masseur requires me to keep in top shape and I enjoy the challenge that comes with it. I feel that Tantric massage allows me to explore the innate sensuality that all of us have within and I will always aim to give a 5 star service”.”

Anthony is a a film graduate who loves anything that is art-related. He is often described as fit, charming, open-minded, personable and well-read. Here is a gentleman who can talk at length about various topics and keep you entertained as well as pampered.


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 12 reviews
 by Stephen

Anthony is such a joy to be around. Always smiling, friendly and welcoming.
If you have any nerves they are quickly gone within minutes of arriving.

The massage is exquisite, the perfect touch.
Couple that with great conversation and it all makes for a truly enjoyable experience.

And I should also take time to mention James in this as he makes the whole booking process simple, straightforward and friendly.
A first class service all round.

 by Sean in Norfolk
A million dollars!

I have just enjoyed the most amazing experience with Anthony. His sensitivity of touch and knowing all the places to use that touch to transport you onto another plain, makes you feel very special - truly like a million dollars. He is a very beautiful, kind man and I will be going back.

I have to commend too the honour of James and the Touch of London brand. Almost 2 years ago my appointment had to be cancelled at the last minute through nobody's fault, but because of a technician having to attend the property. James promised me a discount on my next booking and I almost couldn't believe it nearly 2 years later he remembered, and honoured it. An outstanding service from an extremely honourable company. Well done guys!

 by Sam

Anthony is really charming, with a seductive smile and bewitching eyes that never stop seeming to dance. He has incredible skills as a masseur, and his touch is ultra sensitive, skilful and sensual. He has an infallible instinct about what to do next to transport you to another world. It was sheer delight to spend time with this gorgeous young man.

 by Stephen

Another awesome time spent with Anthony.
He is just the nicest guy ever, not to mention absolutely gorgeous.
Friendly and welcoming from the minute you arrive - I could talk to him for hours.

The massage and truly great company make it a great experience.

I'm sure I'll be back for more.

 by Jeremy
4hrs b2b massage

Again, as always, Anthony is such a joy to be with! Such a warm, vibrant and charismatic guy! 😊 He has brilliant technique, strong, firm and measured! 😇 And he is such a wonderful conversationalist, we had such a natural and pleasant dynamic! Anthony, is also really really well-built, with the most beautiful, rich ebony skin, smooth as silk and of the finest velvet! 🥰🔥✨ He is also the most open-minded guy ever, with the most bright and brilliant smile anyone can ask for! I would strongly recommend anyone to be with Anthony for a ride to infinity and beyond!!! 💫🌟✨

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