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Age:  30 years old

Location: London Bridge

Weight: 83 kgs

Height: 6’1”

Ethnicity: White

Build: Muscular

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Orientation: Gay

Set up: Bed

Incall: YES

Outcall: YES

masseur george, smiling white male wearing calvin klein underwear
masseur george, smiling muscular white male wearing light coloured briefs
small touch of london logo in gold


Favorite Massage: Tantric BFE, where he can fully showcase his skills

Experience: over 5 years on top of educational training

Would suit you if: you are dying to experience something incredible

Repeating: this is not a drill

When we heard that one of London’s best masseurs was back in town, we just had to work with him. The male massage grapevine is not always reliable but in this case the result exceeded our expectations. Tall, strong, highly qualified, professional and a skilled conversationalist, George really is everything that our clients value in a masseur. And we value it too, because once someone has a massage with George, they are highly likely to want to repeat the experience. Which is completely understandable. It is wholly unfair for a man this ravishingly handsome to have a fantastic personality and a keen mind as well. But that he does. And your massage with him is guaranteed to be *chefs kiss*.

A wild beauty to blow your mind

If we were to paint a portrait of George, we would have to start with a flawlessly beautiful face of a young man. Perhaps just a touch of Americana ruggedness to balance out the sweetness (he does maintain a beard that complements his features well). Then, in a few brushstrokes, we would add the contours of a powerful body that’s bursting with health. George has a tall, strong frame and tough rippling muscles, and yet somehow manages to look as if it’s due to surviving in the wild rather than long hours in the gym. Short, boyish brown hair and a friendly smile complete the picture. If you’ve been dreaming of a drop-dead gorgeous man to take you to a palace of bliss, George is your guy.

He knows exactly what he’s doing to you

There are many sexy guys out there but it’s a rarity to find a masseur who is both knowledgeable and a skilled communicator. You can easily discuss any aspects of massage with George, who will be able to offer you insight and guidance. Besides being a highly experienced masseur with over five years under his belt (no pun intended), George has a degree in nutrition science and a thorough understanding of male body. But you will not wish to delve too deeply into technique, as the room will suddenly appear to be very warm and you’ll feel yourself shifting from relaxation to excitement. “I always use sensuality techniques in my favour” – says George, and you bet he does. The time for talk is over, it’s time for you to experience something entirely different. So lie back and enjoy the ride.


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