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Age:  29 years old

Location: Leicester Square

Weight: 97 kgs

Height: 6’1”

Ethnicity: Latin

Build: Strong and powerful

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Orientation: Bisexual

Set up: Bed / Massage Table

Incall: YES

Outcall: YES

masseur jordan : muscular latin male with a black beard standing with his hand in black briefs
masseur jordan : muscular latin male stepping out of a swimming pool in grey trunks


Favorite Massage: Tantric!

Experience: 2 years

Would suit you if: you are looking for that perfectly strong deep tissue massage

Sexy devil invites you to a game for two

When you imagine the devil at his most seductive – smart, imposing, a fiendish smile playing on his lips – you come close to imagining Jordan. His dark hair and eyes add to the sense of power that his physique inspires. At nearly 100 kilograms, he is truly built like a hulk, and has strength to match. He used to train in Muay Thai, and works out in the gym every day. Lucky you, deep tissue lovers! This masseur can give you the firm and deep kneading that you were looking for, followed by a most relaxing erotic massage. And if a firm massage is not your cup of tea? Our handsome masseur can also be gentle and tender, because that breath-taking strength is paired with great skill.

Strength and skill, with real passion for massage

Jordan is very passionate about gay massage, and he has worked hard for his passion. The result? A qualified massage therapist with broad experience in various types of massage, and specialising in the deep tissue / tantric combination. He also encourages you to discuss any problem areas with him, whether you experience neck stiffness or lower back tension, and is excellent at adapting his massage to each individual client. Jordan is often told that he has very strong hands, capable of giving a deeply satisfying massage experience. All that’s left is to lie back and let those waves of pleasure wash over you!

The final temptation

Of course, a full body massage of your dreams does not end with a firm kneading, no matter how good. And here we reach Jordan’s favourite part: the sensual journey towards a blissful conclusion. To Jordan, a memorable erotic experience is an essential part of a high quality massage, and this masseur is all about quality. He loves the freedom and sensuality of gay massage, and has a diabolical ability to bring you to a state of real ecstacy with his touch. Now it’s our little secret, he winks. And although your work awaits, you feel that you could just do it all over again. The world be damned


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 3 reviews
by Niels Kooij on MASSEUR JORDAN

Super nice guy, warm personality and the atmosphere was very relaxing! Good massage with a personal touch at the end made it complete.

I have not fetl that relaxed in months

Jordan is a handsome, gentle and kind guy who somehow sensed exactly what I needed. It was my first body-to-body massage and after those 90 minutes I felt so relaxed as have not felt in months. He made me comfortable to relax throughout the massage and just to let me be present in the moment and dive into all sensations.

He repeatedly checked in with me about pressure and tension points. When I am back in London, I will try to get another massage with him.

by Richard on MASSEUR JORDAN

Jordan is a really kind personality amd he gives great massages. He has an amazing body that is really hot. If you want a massage, I think he's your man.

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