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Age: 28 years old

Location: Baker Street

Weight: 85 kgs

Height: 6 ft

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Build: Fit and streamlined

Hair Colour: Blond

Eye Colour: Blue

Orientation: Bisexual

Set up: Bed/Massage Table

Incall: YES

Outcall: YES

masseur william : muscular black male standing in white gym trousers
masseur william : muscular black male standing sideways, wearing red shorts with white stripes


Favorite Massage: From sports sensual to BFE – Nicolas loves them all!

Experience: 3 years

Would suit you if: you like the pairing of rugged masculinity and exceptional skill

The James Bond of male massage

And we’re not only talking about the skill – to which we will get in a moment – but about the look and the overall vibe that our masseur brings to the massage room. Nicolas oozes that sexy rugged masculinity that makes agent 007 a suitable comparison. His build is strong and streamlined without any artifice, and there’s something immediately fetching about those wide, muscular shoulders. You can just imagine our man leaping off cliffs and speeding in sports cars. Short blond hair and cool blue eyes complete the look, which will be an instant favourite with those of you who like your men serious and powerful. Just give in and surrender to your temptation, Nicolas will take you exactly to where you need to go.

Turning the heat up

There’s a fine art to sensual male massage. The intrigue and expectation are the opener, your masseur’s smooth and warming touch turns the temperature up. But to reach the true heights of ecstasy, you first need to release trapped tension and relax into your experience fully. When it comes to a thorough massage, Nicolas is the man you want. With a level 3 ITEC qualification and three years of experience under his belt, he knows the male body like the back of his hand. He’ll first tease your stress knots out and then he’ll tease your senses into a blissful oblivion. Under his masterful guidance you might find yourself groaning with pleasure. Which you are absolutely welcome to do.

Quiet confidence and artistic soul

Whilst we know a lot about the training that Nicolas has undertaken and we have admired his golden swimmer’s physique, our masseur is somewhat of a mystery when it comes to his life outside the massage room. Nicolas has a quiet and confident presence that reveals little, although we do manage to glean that he loves photography. Perhaps it’s his artistic soul that makes a sensual massage with him such a special and intimate experience. He imbues each session with care and intimacy that feels intensely personal, and indeed it is. Our masseur tells us that he likes to tailor his massages to the men that he meets, using their physical attributes and personality as inspiration in building his euphoric flow.


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 3 reviews
 by Robert
I miss him already....

Nicolas was extremely welcoming and attentive to my needs. I already miss his strong hands, warm embrace, him breathing down my neck, and him brushing his beard down my back. I told Nicolas during the session how much I enjoyed him; I hope he did as well to some extent.

My only wish was that Nicolas had a better grasp of the English language. I would have loved for more conversation with Nicolas to add to the intimacy and also to help me tell Nicolas that I was happy to extend my stay with him and/or try new things. As Nicolas is Brazilian, this is completely understandable however!

 by David
Lovely, gentle, to the point

Nicolas is just lovely… handsome, sexy and cute!
He exactly knows where and how to touch to make you feel great!
Definitely, recommend!

 by sammy

I met nicholas for the first time today, he is good looking, tall, strong, blue eyed/ blond. He gave me great deep tissue massage, he melted away my knots.
His massage skills are great, He is polite and friendly, and the BFE was a lovely bonus. I recommend him, and i look forward to seeing him again.

male with brown hair lying on a massage table half covered with a white towel

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