There are various myths about male massage floating around in London, and we are looking to dispel some of them in this blog post. All of the myths listed below are from actual enquiries we have had over the years. As usual, all are posted anonymously.

1. All masseurs in London work from massage parlours.

They do not! Many choose the privacy and comfort of their own home, or a privately rented space. Both massage parlours and the home environment have pros and cons, and you will encounter both options when you enquire about male massage. At Touch of London, masseurs work from their Central London flats, so you can have that truly luxurious experience.

2. If you book a male massage, you have to be gay.

Sure, most of our clients are gay. However, we also get a lot of interest from men who identify as straight but prefer a “stronger” massage. I don’t necessarily think you are going to have a “weaker” massage from a female masseuse, but some people believe this. We also hear from men who are unsure about their sexuality and would like to explore it through massage. This is a good idea, because during the massage you are in control and a professional masseur will always respect your boundaries.

3. All male masseurs who perform sensual massage are gay.

Er, no. Currently we have masseurs who identify as bisexual and even straight, so clearly a masseur can be of any sexuality. Also, there is no rule that says that everyone’s sexuality has to be clearly defined or that it has to fit in a neat bracket. As a society, we are increasingly moving towards the view that sexuality is more fluid than we used to believe.

  • See our masseur profiles, all of which list their sexuality. You will find that there is quite a lot of diversity in the field of male massage.

4. I need to pay in advance when booking a male massage in London.

Some masseurs who operate independently, request a prepayment or a “deposit” to ensure that your visit is not a “no-show”. However, most masseurs and agencies do not require a deposit, and you can bring payment with you to your massage session. Most masseurs will only accept cash in the local currency (GBP), but occasionally you might chance upon those who take card payments as well. If in doubt, always enquire in advance!

Credit cards

You don’t need to pay for your massage at the time of booking. Photo courtesy of stevepb via Pixnio.

5. Sensual massage means that it’s not a “real” massage.

“Sensual massage” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. At Touch of London, all of our masseurs are qualified massage therapists. When you book a sensual massage, you can expect a “real” massage with some magic included for an exceptionally pleasurable experience. What is more, you can specify what type of massage you need: Swedish or Deep Tissue, with firmer or light pressure, with more or less focus on particular muscles or body parts. Your masseur will aim to read your body to determine your needs, but it’s always a good idea to mention what you like.

6. Touching is not allowed during a sensual massage.

Our masseurs did not work out so much just so you can gaze at them from a distance! Mutual touching during the massage is perfectly fine (and, I should say, inevitable), just make sure that you communicate with the masseur to understand where his boundaries are. The aim of a sensual massage is to stimulate you and give you and amazing sensory experience, so take full advantage of it during your session.

7. “Sensual massage” means that it will involve sex.

It might mean that in some places, but we don’t offer sex as it’s against the law. There is no harm in asking, but the answer you will get from us will always be the same (we abide by the law in other matters too, so if you tell us you are a “a gay teen”, you will not be able to book a massage). Please respect our boundaries and we will always be up front with you about what you get when you book a massage with us.

8. Male massage is only available to young/white/fit/cis/British men.

The world does not consist of such men only, and all men of the world are welcome. Our masseurs like variety too! That said, if you think something might be an issue, there is no harm in mentioning it. We’ll gladly put your mind at ease. Unless you express a preference, we will always try to match you up with a masseur that we think would be most suitable for you. However, I’m happy to say that our masseurs are a very open-minded, friendly and diverse bunch. London is just excellent that way.

Hopefully this blog post will help dispel some of the myths floating around. If something is still on your mind, we have worked in the field of male massage for years, so use our expertise and ask! We always have time to answer questions regarding male massage in London. And if your question ends up in our next mythbusting blog post…you can be sure that we’ll post it anonymously.

Photo at the top courtesy of Olichel Adamovich via Pixabay.