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Age: 29 years old

Location: Notting Hill Gate

Height: 6'1 / 1.86 m

Weight: 80kgs

Ethnicity: Brazilian

Build: Toned and muscular

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Orientation: Bisexual

Set up: Bed / Massage table

Incall: Yes

Outcall: Yes

masseur kain : muscular white male wearing white briefs
masseur kain : muscular white male wearing white briefs


Favorite Massage:  It’s the chemistry that makes for a truly exciting massage and any massage can be amazing that way.

Experience:  6 years

Would suit you if:  you somehow have not managed to have a massage with Adam before. You have to try it!

Golden boy of the London massage scene

We are very excited to have one of the best male masseurs in London joining us at Touch of London. He may be stunning but make no mistake, Adam is known for his massage skills as much as for his sculpted body and handsome face. Having spent over six years perfecting his technique, he is unmatched when it comes to the dark arts of pleasure and seduction. Under the care of this flawless Adonis, you will be able to discover new frontiers in relaxation and desire. Just lie back and let him work his magic on you. You are in for a treat.

A sculpted Romeo from sunny shores

Adam hails from sunny Brazil and he brings some of that Latin heat to every massage session. At the same time he is a true Londoner, having lived and worked in the capital for many years. This well-built masseur starts his morning with a run in the park followed by meditation, and his healthy lifestyle is reflected in his impressive physique. His olive skin has a radiant glow and just begs to be touched. The muscles are perfectly defined, a result of hard work and perfect discipline. And his exquisite dark eyes and hair create that sense of mystery and sensuality that so inflames anyone’s imagination. Here’s your tall dark stranger…and he wants to show you something very special.

You will be spoiled and you will love it

Although many could envy Adam his experience and stellar reputation, our masseur has his priorities straight: “There’s this moment when the client leaves…if he’s had a really good time, he won’t be able to keep a smile off his face and that’s what I want to see.” Always the perfectionist, he sets himself a high bar and aims to give the best massage his clients have ever had. For the same reason, he is meticulous about the massage environment. Everything from the moment you step in is set up for your pleasure. So if you decide to book a massage with him, expect a feast for the senses. You will be spoiled and you will love it!



Not Available

Excellent service all round. Very happy. Will call again.

By Anon Booked 60 mins test Incall
  • Attractiveness 10/10
  • Massage Skills 10/10
  • Personality 10/10
  • Quality of Premises 10/10
Not Available

Excellent massage! Ninety minutes of pure bliss.

By Robert Booked 90 mins test Incall
  • Attractiveness 10/10
  • Massage Skills 10/10
  • Personality 10/10
  • Quality of Premises 10/10
Not Available

Theo was awesome. I feel like Im floating on a cloud. What a lovely guy. Highly enjoyable.

By Anon Booked 60 mins test Incall
  • Attractiveness 10/10
  • Massage Skills 10/10
  • Personality 10/10
  • Quality of Premises 9/10
on February 28, 2023 16:14:20

I've seen Adam a few times now and he really is the best. His place is so clean, warm and inviting. He sets the perfect mood. Adam is as handsome as he is kind and charming. He gives a great massage. I am looking forward to our next appointment.

By W
    on July 27, 2023 13:47:08

    I had an outcall appointment with Adam the night before leaving London. Although my expectations were quite high, he exceeded everything I had hoped for. He was wonderful and the massage was fantastic! The process was smooth to book & confirm the appointment. It was the highlight of my trip to London without question!

    By Tony
      on January 31, 2023 15:10:57

      He’s super nice

      By Sam
        on January 15, 2023 13:46:27

        I just completed my session with Adam and enjoyed the message so much that I intend to book a message with Adam again in the next 3 days. Can not praise him highly enough.

        By S
          on September 21, 2023 12:13:11

          I enjoyed my b2b massage with Adam very much. He is a great host and a great masseur.

          By Robert
            on February 25, 2023 13:04:36

            Adam is a great host and a great masseur. His place is immaculate and he gives a thorough massage. I enjoyed it very much.

            By Robert
              on March 25, 2023 17:37:20

              We had a couples massage with Adam and Marc. Both guys have amazing bodies and hands. The massage for both of us was an amazing experience that we will definitely want again we visit London again.

              By A&S
                on November 26, 2023 11:52:39

                Adam is very knowledgeable of the human body. It wasn't just a generic massage. He spent more time on areas where he could feel the tension/knot. I didn't have to tell him where. Thanks again!

                By Morgan
                  on May 4, 2023 14:21:33

                  I had a marvellous manly male touch Massage…. I was and I am very much HAPPY. Next time I definitely consider more a Tantric massage…. I just loved the way man is touching a male body, definitely good quality, I am aware it’s expensive, but worth it. Because no rushing, no hurry…. He did take time to massage me. I absolutely keep your number and website in my memory. I am coming back because of every quality of touching my body. And very clean place and wonderful shower. Thank you James and Adam himself too. - Cheers 👋🏼

                  By Mika
                    on July 18, 2023 14:22:32

                    Adam was AMAZING! More than I could have hoped for! Absolutely a remarkable experience! Thank you!

                    By Leo
                      on September 21, 2023 12:12:55

                      I have seen Adam a few times but this was absolutely the best time yet. He is such a wonderful spirit who provides a safe and thrilling experience. He is lovely to chat to and the massage was top notch. Thanks to James for setting up and Adam for another sterling memory.

                      By West
                        on April 23, 2022 20:18:50

                        Met Adam for a massage and would absolutely recommend. All of the logistics worked perfectly - he was easy to find, and had an immaculate place. He was highly skilled and intuitive. Wouldn’t hesitate to book again.

                        By Mark
                          on February 6, 2022 13:40:55

                          I had BFE session with adam in middle december, although i was nervous as this was my first time having massage in a big city but when i met Adam he put me at ease straight the way, the way he made me feel welcome and offered me some water and a little bit of chat from him made me very relaxed and comfortable. The massage itself was very unique, Adam just made me forgot the outside world while i was with him, at the end i just couldn't believe that time flied at such speed. I would definitly book with adam again when i'm back in london in future, yes the massage may be expensive than the other masseurs out there, but the whole experience from booking with James to meeting Adam is worth every bit of money spent. My only confusion for future booking is i do want to try other masseurs as well as i'm sure they all will have their own unique experiences but on other hand i don't wan't to miss another session with Adam as whenever i visit london i can only visit for night.

                          By M. Almas
                            on June 27, 2022 12:48:28

                            I had a wonderful time with Adam. He's kind, easy on the eyes and a great masseur!

                            By W
                              on January 10, 2022 22:28:27

                              Thanks for our time together today. Nice and relaxed, without any hurries or rush. Made me feel very special and valued.

                              By Robin
                                on January 19, 2022 18:25:10

                                Adam was absolutely incredible. He set the ambience, tended to my needs and took great care of me. This was my first massage in London, and Adam exceeded every expectation!

                                By Lapis
                                  on December 14, 2021 14:11:06

                                  I had such a wonderful massage with Adam. He is so kind and thoughtful and the massage was perfect. He has a lovely, beautiful place that created exactly the right kind of mood. It's all just what I needed!

                                  By WJ
                                    on April 20, 2021 13:56:02

                                    Great technique, skill and ambience to ensure you leave relaxed and refreshed! Thank you Adam!

                                    By NP
                                      on June 19, 2021 09:45:22

                                      Very professional, experienced, sensitive and responsive masseur. Comfortable, super-clean, spa-like apartment, music, scent and lighting. Rock-hard body, nice muscles, strong, playful. The most beautiful glutes I've seen. Adorable. Highly recommended.

                                      By Luigi
                                        on June 13, 2021 18:34:17

                                        I have been with Adam for the last five years, and he delivers consistently every single time! 👌He is very attuned and sensitive to his clients' needs!😊He is also a very warm and accommodating guy, and has incredible technique, with varying pressure intensity that makes your whole body relax!😇He also has the body of a Greek god, beautifully sculpted, and quite tall!🥰💪Moreover, he is such an easy-going, down-to-earth and open-minded man, every time I step into his flat I immediately feel comfortable and at home!💖I would strongly recommend Adam for anyone visiting the beautiful city of London for their first time, or are curious of trying out a gay-friendly, intimate and romantic body to body massage! 😊😇💕

                                        By Jeremy
                                          on April 27, 2021 16:18:46

                                          Adam as always is such a warm and accommodating guy. Immediately made me feel safe, comfortable and relaxed! 😊 He has great technique, strong and firm! He also as always has such a beautifully sculpted body and is quite tall, and very open-minded! 💪😇 I would highly recommend him whenever you have the chance to visit the city of London, or have the time off! Planning to visit him in the near future again soon!😊😇

                                          By Jeremy
                                            on May 30, 2021 10:41:14

                                            Found Adam to be so experienced and professional at what he does. His flat felt very safe and comfortable. The description of him is very accurate and he is proper handsome. He has all the kit to make this massage very authentic and thrilling including proper restraints. Adam is open minded, calming yet perceptive and knew how to deliver a great session. The paddling I asked for was really awesome! Communication with touch of london is friendly and reassuring and I think it's affordable as a nice extra for a London trip. I would recommend Adam and really hope to see again!

                                            By James
                                              on August 17, 2021 13:42:27

                                              Super man, professional maseur, very nice.

                                              By J J
                                                on November 11, 2021 14:43:56

                                                Brilliant! Needed strong pressure and delivered. Checked with me to see that the pressure was good. Good looking.


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