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Age: 28 years old

Location: Bayswater

Height: 6'2

Weight: 95kgs

Ethnicity: Latino

Build: Handsome Hulk

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Orientation: Bisexual

Set up: Bed

Incall: Yes

Outcall: Yes

masseur kain : muscular white male wearing white briefs
masseur kain : muscular white male wearing white briefs


Favorite Massage: one with enough time to really get into it

Experience: 1.5 years

Would suit you if: you adore a grown man with a boyish personality

A smoking-hot merchant of bliss

Domenic is a smoking hot addition to our team, having recently arrived in London from the sunny Brazil. He has polished up his excellent massage skills by completing our training program and enjoys putting them to a good use. Flirtatious and energetic, Domenic rises to the challenge that the unique curvature of each male body presents, bringing bliss with his every move. Bliss seems to be the operative word. When I ask how he ended up in the world of gay massage, our masseur grins: “it is very exciting for me to bring pleasure this way”. We’re sure it is very exciting for his clients as well.

Semi-pro footballer with a gym-toned body

If you like a tall and powerful stature, this handsome hulk is your man. His charming playful nature comes through in his leisure activities. Back in Brazil, Domenic maintained his stunning bronzed physique by playing beach volleyball. Sadly, London is lacking in golden beaches and here he had to turn to football instead. If his powerful build wasn’t enough to scare (or draw!) his opponents, our guy also has experience playing in the semi-pro league. Make no mistake though, his chiselled body is built training hard in the gym, fitness being another of his passions.

A steamy session is on the cards

Boyish as his nature might be, Domenic leaves his competitive spirit and sporting interests outside his massage room. Here his sensual and seductive nature takes hold as he takes his time to ease every bit of tension in your body. Once that is achieved and you are in a state of complete relaxation, he will build the massage to a euphoric conclusion, observing you closely to ensure that the pacing is just right and you are melting under his touch. Book a steamy gay massage session with Domenic and experience his magic for yourself, you will be returning for more!



on May 4, 2023 14:21:38

I have booked Domenic a few times over the last year and always it was an excellent experience. Great guy with a very easy going personality.

    on February 19, 2023 14:00:17

    Thank you so much.. I booked Domenic 3 times and very very happy with the massage.It was amazing .So next time when I visit London will definitely love to book again.

    By Sammi
      on November 26, 2023 11:53:09

      I went to see Domenic for the first time yesterday and it was a truly magical experience. Domenic could sense I was very nervous, but he put me at ease and was extremely friendly, chatty and personable. He has a wonderful personality (and a body that looks like t was sculpted by the gods!). The massage was absolutely heavenly, and I slept soundly for the first time in a while afterwards. I have already booked two further visits to Domenic and cannot wait. Definitely go and visit him!

      By T
        on March 22, 2022 10:05:31

        Very good experience, I totally recommend Domenic

        By Abe
          on March 12, 2022 13:25:35

          Domenic is amazing. Gentle, boyish, sexy, charming and has a golden touch. Super massage. Can recommend him 150%!

          By Andrew
            on September 16, 2022 15:33:30

            I had the pleasure of meeting Domenic for my session and it was amazing! He immediately put me at ease with his charming personality and smile. He also made me feel safe and was extra aware of if I was ok and feeling great during my session. I felt very safe and happy with him and honestly would love to see him again! Thank you💛

            By H
              on February 28, 2022 23:06:26

              Domenic has a great body and great massage as well. Can make you really comfortable. Will definitely come back for more.

              By J.
                on January 30, 2022 12:54:42

                Had a 1.5 h B2B with Domenic. He is fantastic. Extremely powerfully built with huge arms, shoulders. Beautiful face, skin, hair, big hands. Attentive, thoughtful, careful, adventurous masseur. What are you guys waiting for? This might be his first five-star review, but it won’t be the last.

                By Luigi
                  on February 23, 2022 19:30:42

                  Domenic was such a nice human. Massage was great and would definitely try it again.

                  By MZ
                    on July 10, 2022 14:37:35

                    Just had the most wonderful two hour Tantric massage with Domenic. He's hunky, cute, and beautiful in all areas and has a lovely friendly manner and smile. He made me feel relaxed and welcome immediately and we chatted easily. The massage was amazing (my first like this) and I came away smiling without a care in the world! I can highly recommend Domenic but would rather keep him for myself.. enjoy!

                    By N
                      on February 6, 2022 11:58:55

                      I had an amazing time with Domenic. He has such great energy, is a very skilled masseur and is super sexy. I felt so relaxed and comfortable but also excited by his presence. A truly magical time

                      By W
                        on July 5, 2022 17:00:44

                        Domenic was wonderful. I had the most amazing time with him and he is so charming and great with his hands. It was such a privilege to have a session with him and I’m definitely going to be booking him again in the very near future!

                        By William
                          on May 8, 2022 14:37:17

                          Domenic provided a wonderful massage and a great experience. I look forward to seeing him again.

                          By WJ

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