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Age: 31 years old

Location: Barons Court

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 73kgs

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Build: Toned and muscular

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Orientation: Gay

Set up: Massage table

Incall: Yes

Outcall: Yes

masseur kain : muscular white male wearing white briefs
masseur kain : muscular white male wearing white briefs


Favorite Massage:  he doesn’t have a favourite yet, so help him choose!

Experience:  6 months

Would suit you if:  you have an adventurous soul and enjoy trying something new

A handsome stranger arrives in London

If you saw Jonny in a crowd, you’d pick him right out. His gait is self-assured, his strong frame unapologetically commands the space it needs. But he is not a brute: our man moves with grace and elegance, turning heads and inviting passers-by to sneak a second look. He’s quite a sight for sore eyes. Prowling the urban jungle like a cat, Jonny has energy and sunshine in his step, qualities that are greatly prized on our misty shores. You would be forgiven to think that this handsome stranger has landed here from a distant country, as indeed he has. So put down your phone, step forward and feel that tropical heat on your skin. Sometimes to get to a place you long for, you just need to meet the right person.

Sun-kissed marvel

There is no other way to put it, Jonny’s presence demands attention. His peachy skin and rippling muscles are the envy of many, but it’s a playfulness and softness in his eyes that makes him such an irresistible character. You will start by admiring his build, perfection down to every sinew, and end up captivated by his smile. There’s a touch of sun about his whole person, from the warm tones of his skin to the lighter touches in his dark, combed back hair. Jonny’s face is handsome, with a balanced symmetry, and it lights up when he’s talking about things that he loves: his friends, the gym and male massage. Expect this buck to light a fire in you as soon as you set your eyes on him. And who could resist?

A warmth that grows into a blaze

You’d be excused to think that great looking guys are self-important and unapproachable, but you will revise your views as soon as you meet Jonny. He spreads warmth wherever he goes and his genuine love for people is evident at first encounter. “You will always see a smile on my face,” – laughs our masseur, his optimism and lust for life immediately infectious. You will be eased into your massage experience by Jonny’s easy confidence, and the next thing you know, you’ll find your breath quickening and your pulse racing. Our masseur, whilst fresh to the scene, knows that a quality sensual massage starts with relaxation, and he will work his magic to take you places you’ve never been.



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