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Age: 26 years old

Location: Paddington

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 72kgs

Ethnicity: Mediterranean

Build: Buff!

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Orientation: Bisexual

Set up: Bed

Incall: Yes

Outcall: Yes

masseur kain : muscular white male wearing white briefs
masseur kain : muscular white male wearing white briefs


Favorite Massage: He couldn’t choose just one – loves them all

Experience:  2 years

Would suit you if:  your life right now needs a little sunshine

Breath of fresh air on our shores

Luca is a breath of fresh air from distant shores, showing up just when you need a short holiday from the demands of the day-to-day. Take one look at this gorgeous masseur and in your head you will hear waves crashing on a sandy beach, sand barely lighter in shade than his golden skin. Let his hands work on your stress knots and feel the heat rise through you as if you’re lying under a blazing sun. When enthusiasm for life starts to wane and you feel in need for some TLC, a long, unhurried massage might be just what the doctor ordered. And if that is what you are after, Luca is the perfect man to bring you to that place of pleasure and bliss.

The wish that will come true

Look into those brown eyes and make a wish, because Luca is in the business of making dreams come true. His stature might be the envy of many, with ripped muscles drawing the eye wherever he goes, but our masseur has a gentle face with a sensual mouth, which easily curves into a friendly smile. Strong and powerful then, but not at all intimidating. All you need to add to this enticing image are full eyebrows, clean shaven boyish face and a hair style that used to be associated with David Beckham. Just the perfect combination for a man who is to be your dream guide. Are you ready to make that wish?

Passion for massage and zest for life

When talking about his work, Luca said that he likes to give massages because he really enjoys receiving them. Knowing the depths of the pleasure he is able to give another man is a huge motivator. And our masseur is highly motivated. He feels perfectly at home in the gym, toning his spectacular physique, or in the park, walking and getting extra some exercise. When it comes to the contents of his fridge, only the best will do. Luca believes in nourishing his body as well as his mind, and a healthy diet is essential to his well being. Which is just as well, because when you see this hulk in person you will appreciate the exceptional massage that awaits you. And this time, looks will not deceive.



on May 17, 2024

It seems a bit strange to leave a public review for one of the most memorable intimate experiences of my life but Luca deserves recognition for being the calm, beautiful, sensual individual he is. He effortlessly combined a deep strong and invigorating massage with a tenderness, humour and erotic charge that left me completely satisfied in every dimension. And did I mention he was hot? My goodness he’s heart-burstingly beautiful! It felt like a privilege to spend time so close to such gorgeous physical perfection. Thank you, I hope to be back soon.

By JB Booked 60 mins Tantric Massage Incall
  • Attractiveness 10/10
  • Massage Skills 10/10
  • Personality 10/10
  • Quality of Premises 7/10
on February 4, 2024

Luca was fantastic and provided exceptional service.. I would highly recommend Luca

By Chris Booked 90 mins Tantric BFE Massage Incall
  • Attractiveness 10/10
  • Massage Skills 10/10
  • Personality 10/10
  • Quality of Premises 10/10

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