Below are two stories shared by one of our clients and the founder of Touch of London, respectively. What connects them? New beginnings. In the first story, a client has his first massage experience. In the second one, a gay male massage agency comes into being.

First gay massage experience

Told us by one of our clients, who prefers to stay anonymous. Would you like to share your experience? Please write to us and let us know whether you are happy for your story to appear on site.

I had had massage before, of course. While on holidays, when recommended by my doctor after a bicycle accident, and just to relieve stress. The only difference was that I was massaged in a strictly clinical way, and often by a woman. This was going to be something entirely different…

I would not describe myself as socially relaxed in general, and finding myself naked in a room with a handsome stranger was a pleasant prospect, of course…but also a daunting one. The first time I booked was even before I arrived in London. A friendly voice on the other end took my details, wished me a  good massage, and a confirmation arrived by text message shortly after. That’s when I thought: „What am I doing?“. So I cancelled. Luckily, it wasn’t an issue as I cancelled in advance and the person on the phone assured me that I could call again if I changed my mind. Which I did, but not until a week later.

The night unfolds

It happened while I was sitting in my hotel room with a glass of wine. I had done what I came to London for, and tomorrow I would be leaving. Perhaps the slightly boozy dinner with my partners an hour before made me bold, I am not sure. I thought – what the hell – and made a booking. What helped was that I was assured of absolute discretion, and I was asked whether I wanted my masseur to meet me in the lobby or whether he should come up. I don’t care, I said. Just ask him to be discreet. That’s all that matters.

There were two hours to kill, and I glanced at myself in the mirror. Did it matter how I looked? Should it? I had had a shower in the morning, but decided to take another one. It would sober me up. I didn’t want to spend my massage indecorously passed out flat on my face. For the remainder of the time I tried to catch up on some work, but my thoughts were elsewhere…

And the big event

My masseur was very punctual. When I heard a knock on the door, my heart jumped. There was no turning back now. I opened the door to reveal an achingly handsome young man, who came inside and introduced himself. I think what immediately put me at ease was that he did not look me up and down, did not stay silent – I don’t think I would have been able to talk first.

He immediately took the lead and asked me whether I wanted to have a shower while he set up the room. I responded that I had done so already, and he smiled. „In that case I will get ready quickly and we will begin“, – he touched my shoulder lightly, – „try to relax. And don’t worry, even if you can’t. I will help you with it.“ Ah, so the person who took my booking told him it was my first. Very well. The lights were switched off and candles were lit, which cast our shadows on the wall. The scent of massage oil filled the room.

„Do I…?“ – I was about to ask, but my masseur got there first. „Please, dress down,“ – he said, – „and let me do the rest.“

Hours later, untempted by the on-flight entertainment, I let my thoughts drift off to that unforgettable evening. I was anxious no longer. Next time he won’t need to ask me to dress down…

New beginnings for a gay male massage agency

first gay massage in progress : male lying down and being massaged

Written by the founder of Touch of London

I first thought of setting up an gay male massage agency when I was working for one of the biggest gay massage providers in London. It had just been strongly suggested that I should take on a fourth booking in the same day, and I was exhausted. As I stood under a warm shower after the session, I thought: this could be done better. Better for the masseurs, better for our clients, who should not feel rushed through what should be a highly relaxing experience. Back then, however, the time just wasn’t right – I still had a lot to learn.

While there are a lot of female-fronted massage agencies in London, gay male massage is still a somewhat niche occupation. It is hard to get the balance right. Many masseurs choose to work by themselves, which is preferable by some clients, but does not provide a safety net on a bad month. Some work for agencies – but it is not easy to find one where the masseur is really his own man and the client gets a personal service. So when we finally set out to open our own agency, we knew where to start. And it is important that we get it right from the beginning.

This is what I wanted to get right

Quality control is particularly important when operating a mobile massage service. Disappointing as it was to hear about the closure of yet another branch of Chariots – a long-standing gay sauna in London – it is a fact that both the clients and the masseurs increasingly seek out an alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortal massage parlour. There are some great benefits to a mobile service. For example, we try to exploit the intimacy of a home environment to help you relax, and since masseurs live all over central London, you are able to choose a location that’s most convenient. A call-out service is also available whereby the masseur can visit you at your home or hotel.

Another time I will write about how to choose the right masseur for you, but in brief I can just say that your masseur has to read you – the movements of your body, the desires of your mind.

We hope you are ready to enjoy a pampering that you undoubtedly deserve. Our London gay male massage agency has set itself the goal of exceeding your expectations, and we have just the right man for the job.