Here we will look at some of the questions about massage that we have received from our clients over the last month (of course, posted anonymously!) as well as our answers to them. The standard, the off-beat, the truly unusual – here they all are. If you have ever wanted to ask us something but did not have the courage (you definitely should, we are happy to help and difficult to surprise), you might just find the answer below.

1. Will ______ (masseur’s name) wear the same trousers as in the photo?

We fully expect our masseurs to have a wardrobe of more than one pair of trousers and to rotate them in a way that is hygienic and does not commit any sins against fashion. However, if you really liked that particular pair, we’ll see what we can do! Although we expect that you will not wish for those trousers to stay on for too long…

2. Can I pay by card?

Unfortunately not. We are keen to preserve your anonymity and hence all payments are in cash. This is just one of the ways we try to ensure your privacy. You can read about all of them in our FAQ, where you will find other questions about massage as well. It may seem excessive at times, but you know how the saying goes – better safe than sorry! We definitely prefer to play on the safe side. There is nothing legally or morally wrong with gay massage, but that does not mean you should forgo the right to a private life.

3. Is mutual touching okay?

It is inevitable! As far as we know, there is no way to have a massage without mutual touching. Unless your masseur stands to the other side of the room and massages you with a long stick…joking aside, yes, mutual touching is fine. Respectful touching is very welcome – just communicate to your masseur and you will be sure not to cross any boundaries that could make you both uncomfortable. Remember: if you have any questions about the massage – just ask.

4. Am I too old?

You’re only as old as you feel! Some health conditions contraindicate massage. So if you have had a recent operation or you have an acute injury, you should avoid massage (even the life-enhancing magical gay massage). But other than that, age really is not that important. If you are older, you might want to discuss with your masseur how strong you prefer the pressure, but this stands for all clients. As for the masseurs, it’s interesting to work with different clients, and that includes various ages. If a masseur really did not want to work with older clients, we would never suggest them to you. Fortunately, we have had no such requests from masseurs to date.

Here’s a handy list of all conditions that make massage unsuitable.

5. I like to be made to laugh. Can the masseur tickle me?

Sure, why not. We do not provide sexual services, but more unusual requests can generally be accommodated. Obviously, if unsure, we’d check with the masseur in question to see what they say. If having a great laugh is what you need to truly enjoy your gay massage, we would be happy to deliver. In fact, a proportion of clients are ticklish anyway, and some massage strokes tend to produce giggles. If you’re the opposite – don’t want to be tickled – just tell your masseur during the massage. Once the masseur knows which strokes tickle you, he will be sure to avoid them.

And that is all for this month! If we receive some interesting questions about massage, we will return to answer them in the next month’s blog post. Until then, why not send your queries to us by text or e-mail? We will definitely get back to you.