Is relaxing in London a possibility?

Many wonder whether relaxing in London is even possible. A city defined by its noise, population and fast pace of living might be difficult to reshape into an oasis of calm. However, it is also not true that all Londoners live in a constant state of stress. Of course, we are always happy to recommend our massage services as a source of sweet relief, but here are some relaxing tips from London locals that will expand your list of options.

Explore the great outdoors

A walk in the park is not just pleasant. As a form of exercise, it also releases endorphins and leaves you feeling good. Why not try the Capital Ring Walk, which offers 78 miles of outside space to explore. You can choose the section you like, and it is likely to include canal towpaths, parkland and some of the most tranquid spots that London has to offer. Alternatively, you could choose to explore such open spaces as the Richmond Park, Hampstead Heath or Hyde Park.

Get lost in a book

London is home to some of the most beautiful bookshops in the country. Gorgeous listed buildings often house more than old volumes: new editions, poetry readings and tea tastings draw in locals and visitors alike. You could do worse than explore the legendary Daunt Books in Marylebone, or visit the Poetry library at the Southbank Centre. Alternatively, why not visit the only gay bookstore in the United Kingdom?

Soak up some culture

Why not relax and tick off some tourist attractions in one go? But for a truly calming experience, avoid big names like the Tate or Victoria and Albert Museum. Try the Geoffrye Museum, an odd but excellent museum of interiors. Forego visiting the herb garden in January as it’s more interesting in the warm season. Instead, curl up in the window seat of its reading room. They serve excellent tea too! Or check out the quaint Fan Museum in Greenwich (no, really).

See some wildlife

There are few things more relaxing in London than observing the wildlife. But if you need to wind down, steer clear of the London Zoo and go for city farms instead. Spitalfields City Farm is conveniently located, but if it’s too crowded, try Mudchute Farm in Island Gardens. The weather may not permit you to bring a picnic spread, but you can wrap up warm and enjoy the superior company of llamas or geese before you pop into the cafe for a warming drink.