While unable to offer massage, some masseurs have been busy in other ways. In this article, we take a look at remote services offered by masseurs during the lockdown period. We’ve put together a list from around the globe, with links to their social media accounts (or, if we couldn’t find them, websites). You will find both paid and free options.

If you can, support these guys by engaging with their services or by spreading the word! If you can’t, just enjoy these examples of male industry and creativity around the globe. And perhaps make a few new friends on social media.

Types of remote activity that you can access

Masseurs are a very inventive bunch and there have been a variety of remote activities on offer. Here are just some of the things that can be done whilst social distancing:

  • Guided self-massage, massage, erotic healing and tantra workshops.
  • Naked yoga, morning raves, group activities.
  • One-to-one conversation, support and sharing. This can include texts, messages on social media, phone calls and video chats.
  • Watching erotic massage videos and reading erotic stories (fictional and not!)
  • Structured learning: tantra and massage courses.

Remote services offered by masseurs around the globe

Please note that some of these links might be NSFW. Although that’s probably not an issue for you if you have made it onto our website! We also have not tried the below services and cannot vouch for them.

  • @Rainbow_Massage in South West UK, posts weekly instalments of erotic stories and offers to chat by texts, Pms or e-mail with anyone who is feeling down during the lockdown.
  • @pacotantra in Barcelona, Sitges and Madrid, also offers erotic stories to pass the time in quarantine. They are free to access.
  • @gaymassageBLN in Berlin is offering free video calls (Whatsapp available), where men can experience erotic relaxation while receiving companionship and support.
  • @InMasseur in Manchester, is offering Skype self-massage sessions and is looking at organising a Zoom tantra night.
  • Brett in Sydney also offers Skype sessions, specialising in erotic healing. He is also developing group classes with homework (not available yet).
  • @alexmagichands in Berlin offers energetic healing sessions, which can be done remotely. They include such of options as classic reiki and divine alignment of spine and body.
  • @nkdMasseurLondon in London offers naked yoga on Zoom every Saturday at 10am. He has also organised a morning rave so add him to hear more.
  • @TaoistMasseurUK in the U.K. has some free videos on his website to share while waiting for the lockdown to end.
  • @JasonTantra in the U.K. has written a guide on tantric edging. If that’s something you always wanted to learn…now is the time.
  • @The_Intimate_Bodyworker in Brussels is organising online discussions on male sexuality, mindfulness activities and fun games. He also is a Somatic Sex Coach for couples.
  • @Male_Holistic in Mumbai has compiled a written resource called Secrets of Lingam Massage. $35 for a 15 page PDF booklet.
  • @HealingHandsSG in Singapore offers skillsharing sessions themed on kegel exercises for men. They are said to help with premature ejaculation.
  • Paul in Ontario has built a distance learning course in tantra. It’s a serious course with multiple sessions and homework.
  • @TevorJamesLA in Los Angeles has been organising various Zoom events: a book reading, a self-touch workshop and more. He’s also offering free video calls for companionship and he’s working on a series of erotic stories.

How remote contact can help you during isolation

male using a laptop

For many, this is a time when they miss human touch and presence. Sex is one form of it, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. If you’re isolating alone, you could find yourself starved for a simple snuggle, hug or hand holding. And if you have to quarantine, there isn’t a way you can access that.

However, your mind plays an important role in your physical interactions and you could use this to your advantage. A combination of self-touch (whether erotic or not), conversation, shared activity and imagination can make you feel a lot less isolated.

If you’re hypersexual

Hypersexual men will find staying in quarante alone especially difficult. Masturbation can start to feel unrewarding, repetitive and a mix of boredom and sadness can start creeping in. If that describes you, don’t give up and consider this:

  • There are many approaches to masturbation. If your modus operandi is to switch on some porn and go for it, you might need to switch things up a bit.
  • You have five senses. Use them all in creative ways. What if you use just touch and sound?
  • Remember that there’s porn and there’s porn. Western pornography started in 18th century. Do some research and try something new (or vintage).
  • When did you last use your imagination alone?
  • Try things you haven’t tried, things that take time and effort. Edging. Bondage. Tantric touch. Work on slow buildup. If there’s one thing you have now, it’s time.
  • Don’t be afraid to try weird things ‘just for laughs’. Human sexuality can be surprising and you might just discover something new. In the very least, it will mix things up a bit.
  • Engage your emotions. Whether that means reading erotica, sexting someone you like or creating a very elaborate fantasy, let yourself feel something.

(we can’t elaborate on hypersexuality here, but do a search online – you are not alone!).

Why not buy a gift for someone special?

And someone special might be you! Remember that most (if not all) masseurs are offering advance bookings and gift vouchers. So if you haven’t been furloughed and can afford it, support your favourite massage therapists by making an advance booking. Just don’t forget to check their cancellation policy in case this pandemic continues for much longer.

We are not offering remote services

Just for the avoidance of doubt: please do not contact us for videos or live chat. We are not offering remote sessions as we specialise in face-to-face massage only. However, there are many interesting and talented men in the above list, so if a remote session is what you are after, you’re spoilt for choice!

Have we missed anything out?

If you hear of any other remote activities or resources offered by masseurs during the lockdown, let us know and we’ll add them to the list. Also, please share this with your networks (social buttons are below the article) to help all of us get through this pandemic together. There’s going to be a whole lotta touching once this is over…