If you are looking for sensual massage for men in London, you might be seeing a lot of different names: tantric massage, sensual massage, erotic massage, lingam massage, prostate massage, and so on. What all of these share in common is an aspect of eroticism. But are they different from one another? If you are getting confused by all this massage lingo, do not worry. Take my hand and walk with me through this linguistic jungle. The experience you’ve been looking might just be waiting for you on the other side. Or perhaps you might find something new you’d like to try?

Sensual massage and erotic massage

How are these two terms different? We don’t know. That’s right, we don’t, because the meaning alters with each different masseur or agency. Some will say that sensual massage doesn’t involve full nudity but erotic massage does; that some erogenous zones are explored during the sensual massage, but they are only fully stimulated during an erotic massage; that ‘erotic massage’ is a codename for sex; that sensual massage doesn’t involve a happy ending but an erotic massage does. And so on. So how do you know? You’ll have to ask. At Touch of London, we say that all of our massages are erotic. Our sensual massage is an erotic massage performed in the nude, but the masseur only uses his hands to massage the client (as opposed to a body to body massage, when the masseur would use his entire body).

Tantric massage, lingam massage and prostate massage

If you have booked massage with us previously, you will know that we specialise in tantric massage. Tantric massage borrows from Eastern spiritual traditions, bioenergetics and sexual therapy. Its aim is to free up sexual energy and essentially enhance the client’s sex life. Lingam massage, however, forms part of tantric massage. To put it very simply, lingam massage is the massage of the penis. It can also involve the massage of surrounding areas, and in some cases, prostate massage. Prostate is a gland situated between the bladder and the penis. It can be stimulated externally or internally to achieve a pleasurable sensation.

Quality of sensual massage for men in London may vary

With the definition of sensual massage being somewhat vague, it would be prudent to suspect that not all practitioners are going to offer a high quality service. There are horror tales floating around the internet of men who received ‘a perfunctory pat-down’ rather than a massage, and the erotic elements of the massage are often used as an excuse to overlook the quality of the therapeutic side.

Now this is why the therapeutic part of your massage matters: a high quality erotic experience relies on the building up and release of tension. During the deep tissue or swedish massage stage, your masseur not only relaxes you, but also prepares you to thoroughly enjoy the erotic elements of the massage. At Touch of London, we understand that therapeutic and sensual elements of a massage are two sides of the same coin – and the desired outcome is the perfect relaxation for the client’s body and mind.

This is what a sensual massage should not be like

This story was told to me by one of our regular clients a few months ago, and is shared here with his permission (although he prefers to remain anonymous). Ali (*name changed) had his sensual male massage in April 2012. He enjoyed it, and repeated the experience a few times after, trying out different masseurs.

“Then I stumbled upon this one guy, who just didn’t have a clue. He looked great online, we exchanged a few messages and I made a booking for the coming Saturday. Well, he started massaging me and I thought, alright, this will be good. But then he stopped! My massage, if you want to call it that, lasted a total of five minutes, at most. Then this guy just grabbed me by my … I was shocked.”

Needless to say, Ali didn’t feel he got value for his money.

Questions to ask your agency/practitioner

If you have any doubts about the kind of sensual massage you might receive, an agency such as ours is usually a safe bet because the training is likely to be standard for all masseurs and you will know whom you can speak to if there is an issue with your massage. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t rule out trying out independent practitioners or newly established agencies, if only to shop around.

    • See this example of an independent practitioner offering high quality sensual massage


male receiving a back massage

In good hands: do you trust your practitioner? Photo by Ludovic Etienne

Altough there is no way to know in advance what kind of massage you will receive, if you have any doubts, asking some of the following questions should give you some indication:

1. What does the sensual massage entail, exactly?

2. Is this a fully nude massage? Can I touch the masseur?

3. Is the masseur a qualified massage therapist?

4. How much experience does the masseur have?

5. What is the level of the masseur’s English? Will I be able to communicate to him?

A few last words on sensual massage for men in London

By now, you should be able to navigate the terminology with no problems when exploring sensual massage for men in London. I hope that you have also received a few handy tips on how to avoid substandard sensual massage. Remember: ‘sensual’ doesn’t mean a rushed handjob on a dirty sheet. It’s in the name: a sensual massage should awaken your senses and bring to you a state of comfort, pleasure and relaxation. May you never have Ali’s experience.

Main photograph by Walker Larry