Sensual Sports Massage is a cross between gay sensual and therapeutic massage. It’s a Deep Tissue massage (although you may request Swedish massage instead) with erotic elements, such as full nudity and a seductive touch. Your alluring masseur will spoil you and tantalize you in equal measure, until you experience a blissful surrender. Tension and fatigue will retreat to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. The interplay of therapeutic and erotic elements in this massage relax body and mind in equal measure. Sensual Sports massage can be tailored to address particular massage goals (injury recovery, particular problem areas). Do tell us if you have any requests.

What to expect?


Like with all our massages, a shower will be available for you to use before and after massage, should you wish to do so. We recommend a warm shower prior to your massage in order to relax the muscles. This will prepare the muscles for the bodywork and maximise the benefits of the massage. So how does your massage begin? Your gorgeous masseur will greet you on the doorstep. He will take you by the hand and walk you inside his comfortable Central London apartment. From then on you will be invited to take his lead, as he uses his skill and experience to show you what a gay sensual massage can do for you. You can also enhance your experience by telling your masseur if you enjoy a particular kind of touch, prefer more pressure, etc.

During the Sensual Sports Massage

During the massage both you and the masseur will be fully naked, unless you prefer otherwise. To start with, the masseur will apply a warm oil formula to your skin. He will massage it in, taking care to cover all parts of your body. He will then use his hands and arms to tease out your stress knots, sooth agitated muscles and bring you to a state of complete relaxation. Due to the sensual nature of this massage, arousal may occur. This is normal and expected. Your gay sensual massage will culminate in a pleasurable ending and you will feel relaxed, renewed and ready to meet the demands of the day-to-day life.

Who would benefit from Sensual Sports Massage?

Sensual Sports Massage will best suit gentlemen who have not experienced erotic massage before. Alternatively, it could be suitable for those who have very specific massage goals they would like to address (injury recovery, particular problem points). If you are worried or unsure about something, please contact us and James will be able to answer your queries. You masseur can adjust the line between the standard and erotic massage to a level that you are comfortable with. For example, full nudity might not be your thing. You may prefer the masseur to wear a pair of gym shorts.  That’s perfectly fine – ultimately the aim of any massage is to relax you, and if you’re feeling nervous the relaxation is harder to achieve. We will work with you all the way.

That said, our masseurs are highly experienced and insightful. They will observe your body language and ensure that you are receiving the full benefits of your massage. Sensual Sports massage is different from our more intensely erotic massages, mostly because the masseur will not use his whole body to massage you. If you feel you are ready for a more intense experience, please see Body to Body and Tantric massages on offer.