Like our blog post on different types of client, this is intended as light-hearted humour only, please excuse the stereotyping and accept that this is not a serious representation of the various male masseurs that work with us. Some masseurs may recognise themselves in these descriptions, others won’t. Needless to say that there is a good and bad side to everything, and no type is inherently better or worse than another. Variety is the spice of life. Part of the joy of our everyday work is the different personalities that we come in contact with. We get a real kick out of matching a client with a masseur and knowing they’ll have an amazing time together.

1. The Specialist

He’s been maintaining a successful massage practice for years and worked hard for the many certifications that exist to his name. The Specialist is not impressed with having to adapt to the house style of massage because he didn’t do all that studying to be told how to do his job. When the client requests a particular massage, The Specialist frowns: there is only one way to do a perfect massage. This male masseur is the massage therapy equivalent of the ‘no subs allowed’ line on a breakfast menu. But let him do it his way and you might just experience the best massage you’ve ever had.

2. The Coddler

To The Coddler, the perfect client is the one who comes seeking relief from pain. Perhaps it’s a physical injury, perhaps it’s a sore heart. The Coddler wants to shower their client in affectionate care, soothing the aches and pains with utmost delicacy. What this masseur really longs for is to see a transformation, the evidence of healing. The Coddler’s face lights up when he receives positive feedback, perhaps more than any other masseur’s. He typically has a lot of regulars who value his caring attitude. If only he was equally as caring in tracking appointments and responding to booking requests…but hey, we can’t have everything.

3. The Saver

portrait of a male in a black t-shirt in greyscale

Eyes on the prize: The Saver

This male masseur is working towards a single goal. Perhaps it’s to buy himself a home, or to pay for his studies, or to give a sound financial footing for his future business. The Saver works hard and plays not at all. He’s the perfect masseur to work with: always on time, unlikely to ever refuse a booking, unfailingly professional. If he’s not careful, his hard-nosed efficiency could make him come across as cold, which would be a problem in his line of work. But The Saver is too focussed on success to fail: his massage is designed to have you returning for more.

4. The Enthusiast

He’s keen to experience all that this city has to offer and he leaps about his new playground like a young Bambi. His massage is enthusiastic, his own pleasure evident. The Enthusiast is often (but not always) in his early 20s and up for adventure. Sometimes his exuberance gets him into trouble but he can always sweet-talk his way out: we all just like him too much. Some Enthusiasts have a tendency to party, others embrace clean-living, but they all love spending time amongst people. If The Enthusiast starts a relationship, it’s often stormy and we get to hear about it a lot!

5. The Prince

This is one type of male masseur that never lasts at Touch of London and perhaps working with others is just not ideal for him: The Prince runs his own show. And what a show it is. He’ll often pay top dollar for professional photography and his arrival in the city is announced by impressive marketing, in which he doesn’t mince his words: you will be told he is the best, one of a kind and, often, what he will not tolerate. Many masseurs of this type tour the capitals of the world and don’t stay in one place for long. Their massage doesn’t come cheap but if you ask them, you get what you pay for.

6. The Monk

To The Monk, massage is, first and foremost, a spiritual practice. He is proud of his Tantric Massage skills and might look down on how it’s performed elsewhere. Masseurs of this type are often the best at creating the right atmosphere. The Monk will pay attention to the sound, scent and presentation like no-one else. He’s not the one for distracting beats and cold hands. After all, to him our senses are a door to our soul. The Monk’s sensuality is a tool, a means to an end and not the ultimate goal in itself. There is a risk that he might forget that his goals are not necessarily shared by everyone, but give him a chance and he might just give you an out-of-this-world experience.

7. The Newbie

The Newbie is not necessarily new to the world of massage, in some cases he might be a seasoned all-timer. What distinguishes him is his attitude. He is anxious to provide a high quality massage, and even though he knows what he’s doing, he is keen to hear that the session went well. The Newbie may not be keen on four-hand massage, he can’t help but compare himself to the other masseur and think he doesn’t measure up. This type of male masseur builds confidence slowly but is incredibly meticulous with his work, and is much beloved by clients and colleagues alike. He performs well regardless of whether he finds his confidence, although he is much happier once he does.

Who’s your perfect match?

Personality only comes across so much during the massage, and perhaps masseurs can be more successfully divided by their speciality, their build, presence or absence of tattoos, presence or absence of body hair, hair and eye colour. And when we’re asked, we are happy to supply the information. However, if a particular personality or approach appeals to you, feel free to enquire further and we’ll do our best to match you with someone whom you’ll find irresistible. We’ve been asked all kinds of questions, you are not going to surprise us. Ask away!