Gay Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is the type of massage we get the most enquiries about. What is it like? What does it entail? How do I find the right masseur for a tantric massage near me? In London, gay tantric massage has not been practised for a very long time, and its nature is unclear to a lot of people. It’s mystical as much as it is intriguing. Here we will describe it in as much as it is possible to do so without spoiling the delightful surprise that awaits you.

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage rests on the belief that sexual happiness and fulfilment are directly connected to our emotional and physical well-being. This massage combines breathing rituals, visualisations, sensual body to body massage and intimate touching and holding. Your masseur will take care to observe the reactions of your body and use the psychology of massage as much as his expert touch.

The undressing ritual

All bookings of 1.5h and more include an undressing ritual. Your masseur will blindfold you and slowly disrobe you, warming your body up with his tender touch as he goes along. You will feel a brush of his skin here and there, a warm sensation of a full palm stroke and the thrill of an initial encounter with a handsome stranger. You may also touch your masseur, although we recommend to do so only minimally.

All good things take time, and at this stage the masseur will lightly tease you to further sweeten the experience that follows. The undressing ritual borrows some elements from Tie & Tease, and is designed to heighten your senses before the main event. This is also the first time your masseur makes close physical contact with you. He will use this opportunity to establish a connection that is so important in tantric body massage.

Your gay tantric massage begins

Your masseur will ask you to lie down, and your massage will begin in earnest. To start with, your masseur will use long, flowing strokes and effleurage (if starting with a Swedish massage) to warm your muscles and prepare them for the massage. Like all of our sensual massages, tantric body massage begins with either Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. At this point it is worth noting that you can and should expect a full body, high quality massage. Sometimes male tantric massage in London can be of questionable quality, but we work with fully trained masseurs and you are going to receive a massage that is as good for your health as it is for your heart.

Stimulating erogenous zones

Once your muscles have received a thorough treatment, the tantric part of the massage begins. You might notice the sudden heightening of tension, and the newly found intensity in your masseur’s touch that makes your skin tingle with anticipation. Tantric Massage is not all about bridging the space between mind and body. Massage of erogenous zones of the body plays an important part, so you can be sure that the masseur will leave no stretch of you unexplored. Depending on your interests, you might wish to add an additional twist to your experience (see what’s available on the Prices & Services page). Arousal is a normal and almost guaranteed reaction to such touch. The masseur will guide you to the release of tension that is as much physical as psychological.

Participant roles in male tantra

The role of the receiver in gay tantric massage (which is you) is that of complete submission. To achieve a state of bliss, you should completely surrender to your guiding masseur. As you allow him take full charge, you should let different sensations, thoughts and emotions wash over you. Tantric massage borrows from sexual therapy, yoga and bioenergetics. To experience a state of renewal through relaxation, you need only to keep your mind open and concentrate on your seductive masseur’s giving touch. However, you remain completely in control throughout the session. Your masseur will not do anything that you do not like. You are welcome to request more of a particular touch that feels good to you.

Psychological benefits of tantric body massage are achieved through the cycle of focus and letting go. Think of it as a form of meditation, where the physical and sexual complements the spiritual and psychological. For it to be effective, you have to approach the massage with an open mind. Ideally, you will have a masseur who is well matched to you, and we can help you with this. The overwhelming feeling should be of safety, explorative excitement and comfort.

You might experience strong emotions during the massage, which you should not try to resist. Your masseurs touch will relax you and create a sense of safety as you watch feelings drift in and out of your consciousness. The exciting finale will see you experience a catharsis – a state of release, where you will find relief from strong and repressed emotions. As you leave your massage, you should feel as if you are walking on air.

Tantric massage is not merely an erotic massage

Often confused with regular erotic massage, tantric massage is in fact an established branch of therapeutic massage. Although it is very erotic in nature, its aims reach beyond pure arousal. In fact, arousal is merely a tool towards achieving a greater relaxation and unification of body and mind. The movements of your masseur when he performs massage are ritualistic and imbued with meaning. When training to provide this type of massage, masseurs have to master a variety of skills. They learn close observation, the system of pressure points for maintaining overall health as well as the art of turning erotic impulses into a peaceful relaxed state of mind.

Spirituality and sexuality in gay Tantric Massage

Spirituality and sexuality are two concepts in gay tantric massage than can baffle and intimidate some beginners. Many men are comfortable with one or the other, but not both! Although each tantric practice is somewhat different and depends on the practitioner, we will discuss some sample elements of gay tantric massage.

The good news is, you are the boss of your own pleasure. Which means that you are free to choose exactly what adds to the enjoyment of your massage. No element is mandatory. The essence of tantric massage is in the connection between the masseur and the receiver of the massage. Spiritual and sensual aspects of the massage are there to deepen this connection. However, only you can decide what works for you. A good masseur will listen to you, so tell him if there is anything you’d like to try or avoid.

In tantric massage, sexuality is not a ‘gateway’ to a spiritual experience. Rather, spirituality and sexuality are one. Although in a tantric massage session you connect to the massage giver, the deeper purpose is for you to connect to yourself and your pleasure. When you learn to connect to your own pleasure, the thoughts around ‘doing it right’ fall away and you discover a new sexual potential and spiritual freedom. In tantra, you shed the trappings of the everyday life to connect to the ancient eternal force that exists within you. And if our tantric massage sparks your interest in the possibilities of tantra, there are various events within the UK where you can deepen your knowledge (e.g. Tantra Love Festival).

Tantric rituals

Most masseurs will not offer you tantric rituals unless you express an interest, as they are not everyone’s cup of tea. But if it’s something you would like to try, speak up! The best known tantric ritual is the greeting. It can involve putting the hands together, touching foreheads and the greeting word ‘namaste’. ‘Namaste’ translates from Hindu as ‘I bow to the divine in you’.

Some tantric practitioners start with a ritualistic ‘gift’. This is usually practised by lovers in the home setting, and can be anything from a sensual dance, a few lines of text or a muscle worship ‘offering’ and ‘receipt’. A bathing ritual can also act as an introduction to a tantric massage. You can book this option with one of our massages. The point of the introductory tantric ritual is to relax you and help establish a connection with your masseur. This in turn makes the ensuing massage more effective.

Tantric touch

Tantric touch can have many forms. For example, it can be a cupping of the face before the massage, the touching of the ‘third eye’ area as you relax towards the end of your massage, or the masseur using his face to brush against your body during the massage. Some masseurs will connect sacral and heart chakras by placing their hands on your heart and genital areas simultaneously. Tantric touch is about continuous, flowing movements and heightened intimacy between the massage giver and receiver. For a truly effective tantric massage, all of the body should be explored. At the essence of tantric touch is love, and a lover’s touch knows no boundaries.

Intimate holding

Intimate holding is a highly enjoyable element of tantric massage. It can involve the masseur holding you in a spooning position, or you might be sitting in a lotus position, with him holding you close to his chest. An intimate embrace is sometimes used to finish the session. Intimate holding is not reserved to full-body hugging. The masseur might hold different parts of your body for a short moment during the massage. He might cup your head with his hands, lift your legs up and hold them in mid-air, hold your feet, hands or genitals.

Transfer of energy in gay tantric massage

The transfer of energy is key to tantric practice. However, it can also be enjoyed on a non-spiritual dimension if that is what you prefer. As a spiritual practice, the transfer of energy occurs at the point of tantric touch. Some types of touch are particularly designed for sending energy from the giver to the receiver. If you are not an experienced practitioner, you are most likely feel this as a warm feeling of love and comfort. In some advanced manifestations transfer of energy can even feel like an electric current.

And if this spiritual dimension is not your kind of thing? You can still learn to actively receive touch. It’s about maintaining focus on the sensation, which in turn will increase your excitement. This will build to the culmination of the massage, making it a very powerful experience. You can learn to ‘actively receive’ by breathing deeply throughout your massage. Furthermore, let sound escape your lips where it naturally feels right. Like any meditation, it’s about shutting out the outside world and focusing. In this case, you are focusing only on your masseur’s touch and your own pleasure.

Tantric massage will harmonize your sexual and spiritual energies, harnessing your natural impulses and turning them into gratification and happiness. Come and let us show you the best tantric massage that you can find in Central London. You will not look back.