Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is the type of massage we get the most enquiries about. What is it like? What does it entail? It’s mystical as much as it is intriguing. Here we will describe it in as much as it is possible to do so without spoiling the delightful surprise that awaits you.

The basics

Tantric massage rests on the belief that sexual happiness and fulfilment are directly connected to our emotional and physical well-being. This massage combines breathing rituals, visualisations, sensual body to body massage and intimate touching and holding. Your masseur will take care to observe the reactions of your body and use the psychology of massage as much as his expert touch.

Stimulating erogenous zones

But Tantric Massage is not all about bridging the space between mind and body. Massage of erogenous zones of the body plays an important part, so you can be sure that the masseur will leave no stretch of you unexplored. Depending on your interests, you might wish to add a P-Spot mini massage to your experience. Arousal is a normal and almost guaranteed reaction to such touch. The masseur will guide you to the release of tension that is as much physical as psychological.

Your role

The role of the receiver of tantric massage (which is you) is that of complete submission. To achieve a state of bliss, you should completely surrender to your guiding masseur. As you allow him take full charge, you should let different sensations, thoughts and emotions wash over you. Tantric massage borrows a lot from sexual therapy and bioenergetics. To experience a state of renewal through relaxation, you need only to keep your mind open and concentrate on your seductive masseur’s giving touch. However, you remain completely in control throughout the session. Your masseur will not do anything that you do not like.

Not merely erotic massage

Often confused with regular erotic massage, tantric massage is in fact an established branch of therapeutic massage. Although it is very erotic in nature, its aims reach beyond pure arousal. In fact, arousal is merely a tool towards achieving a greater relaxation and unification of body and mind. The movements of your masseur when he performs tantric massage are ritualistic and imbued with meaning. When training to provide tantric massage, masseurs have to master a variety of skills. They learn close observation, the system of pressure points for maintaining overall health as well as the art of turning erotic impulses into a peaceful relaxed state of mind.

Tantric massage will harmonize your sexual and spiritual energies, harnessing your natural impulses and turning them into gratification, bliss and happiness.