Tie and Tease Massage

The Tie and Tease massage is about acting out your submissive fantasies at the hands of your drop dead gorgeous masseur. In spite of his dashing looks, he is very, very strict. Your sweetly seductive tormentor will tie you down and tease you with his beautiful body, and you will learn to ask for more nicely. You will love this kinky version of body-to-body massage, which is designed to make you squirm, beg and writhe in pleasure.

What to expect

Your masseur was supposed to be at your beck and call, but the tables have turned. He has you tied down, helpless and unable to move. The sexy devil is laughing, too. He torments you with his beautiful body, brushing against you, then withdrawing as soon as you’ve started to enjoy yourself. Finally, his body glides over yours, sending your skin a-tingle. You want to grasp his arms, run your hands over that tantalising honeyed skin, but – ah! You can’t move your hands. He has you entirely in his power, and he will mercilessly tease you until you cannot take it anymore. Then…well, then you might bee able to get out of your restrains. Unless, of course, you can’t!

Live out your fantasy

Even in our permissive society discussing one’s fantasies has always been a social taboo. However, what we find erotic and stimulating differs from person to person. Being able to act out a fantasy brings you to a place where you feel free to truly enjoy yourself. And, of course, when you’re happy, you relax. Spicing a massage up with a little sweet deviance might be just the thing to help you shed your load of stress and fatigue. After all, having a great and fulfilling massage is more than the total sum of sensory pleasure.

Preparation and safety

A shower will be available for you to use, should you wish to. We generally recommend a warm shower prior to the massage in order to relax your muscles. However, you may choose to book a Wet’n’Wild add on and have your strict masseur turn repentant after – soaping you and giving you a real pampering.

Tie and Tease Massage is not hard BDSM – think of it as a seductive ritual your lover might prepare for you when they really want to treat you. Nethertheless, you will be tied up, so consider informing us in advance if you have any reservations, and discuss your safe word with your masseur. He will tease you into submission, but the only pain you will experience will be that of delayed pleasure!