Tie and Tease Massage

The Tie and Tease massage allows you to act out your submissive fantasies at the hands of your drop dead gorgeous masseur. In spite of his dashing looks, he is very, very strict. During this kinky massage, your sweetly seductive tormentor will tie you down and tease you with his beautiful body. You will learn to ask for more, nicely! You will love this kinky version of our classic body-to-body massage, which is designed to make you squirm, beg and writhe in pleasure. We believe that our gay Tie and Tease massage is among the best that you can find in London.

What to expect

Your masseur was supposed to be at your beck and call, but the tables have turned. He has you tied down, helpless and unable to move. The sexy devil is laughing, too. He torments you with his beautiful body, brushes against you, then withdraws as soon as you start to enjoy yourself. Finally, his body glides over yours, sending your skin a-tingle. You want to grasp his arms, run your hands over that tantalising honeyed skin, but – ah! You can’t move your hands. He has you entirely in his power, and he will mercilessly tease you until you cannot take it anymore. Then…well, then you might be able to get out of your restrains. Unless, of course, you can’t!

Live out your fantasy

Before your massage

There will be a shower available for you to use, should you wish to. We generally recommend a warm shower prior to the massage in order to relax your muscles. However, you may choose to book a Wet and Wild add on and have your strict masseur turn repentant after – soaping you and giving you a real pampering.

Play safe

Tie and Tease Massage is not hard BDSM. Think of it as a seductive ritual your lover might prepare for you when he really wants to treat you. Nethertheless, your masseur will tie you up. Consider informing us in advance if you have any reservations, and discuss your safe word with your masseur. He will tease you into submission, but the only pain you will experience will be that of delayed pleasure!

That said, we are sometimes able to accommodate various kinky fantasies. Do speak to us if there is something you prefer! It all comes down to what an individual masseur is experienced in and comfortable with. That, and your wildest wishes, of course.

Your role during the session

To enjoy the full benefits of a Tie & Tease massage, approach your session with an open mind. You might like being tied up – or you might feel uneasy. Of course, with our vetted and trained masseurs, your safety will never actually be in question. Explore the emotions that you feel with curiosity, and remember that there is an element of roleplay to Tie and Tease. Your masseur is a strict punisher and a terrible tease, and you better submit to his command. That is, if you want him to show you the heights of ecstacy!

The benefits of Tie & Tease massage

Even in our permissive society discussing one’s fantasies has always been a social taboo. However, what we find erotic and stimulating differs from person to person. Being able to act out a fantasy brings you to a place where you feel free to truly enjoy yourself. And, of course, when you’re happy, you relax. Experienced submissives often talk of “headspace”, or the psychological state one can reach when he is tied up and at the mercy of his seductive tormentor. It is often described as peaceful, supremely relaxing and calming. It is a great irony that an experience of being restrained can actually induce a state of mind that can only be described as liberating.

Spicing a massage up with a little sweet deviance might be just the thing to help you shed your load of stress and fatigue. After all, a great and fulfilling massage is more than the total sum of sensory pleasure.

Who would enjoy Tie & Tease?

Men who always have to be in charge in their professional or personal life might find the submissive role relaxing and liberating. There is a “burn out” that you can experience if others look at you for guidance day in, day out. However, you don’t need to be an authority figure to enjoy exploring your submissive side. Those who are always curious to try new things will love the playful nature of Tie and Tease.

I would also recommend Tie and Tease to someone who has an interest in BDSM, but is not quite ready to go “all in” by visiting a fetish club or finding a play partner. For someone like that, Tie and Tease will provide a gentle introduction. It will also give him a feel for whether submission is something he enjoys, or whether he would rather leave it within the realm of fantasy.

Tantric roots of Tie and Tease

Denial/postponement of pleasure is a known tantric technique. Some practitioners of tantra use it to enhance and prolong sexual pleasure, and some practice full denial. The latter do not engage in sex at all. Our tantric masseurs use denial and teasing to add a new richness of sensation to your massage. However, now you can make it the centre of your experience by booking our Tie and Tease massage (it’s in the name!). You are tied and helpless and the titillation is almost unbearable. You get excited beyond all belief, and then your masseur takes it away…just to return it to you again. It’s a thrilling game for those who love a bit of play with their massage.