Can we show you around West London this summer?

In this post, we shine a spotlight on West London and explore a number of reasons to visit this London locale over the summer. With East London constantly referred to as “trendy” and “hip”, West London is sometimes unfairly accused of being nothing more than a place for the rich to park their money. However, the home of the Notting Hill carnival, independent theatre and some truly stunning architecture deserves your attention this summer, and here’s why (for the purposes of this article, “West London” begins west of Marble Arch).

Opera and ballet outdoors in Holland Park

How would you fancy some Verdi or Puccini in the open air? Opera Holland Park will be erecting a huge canopy in one of the most beautiful parks of the capital, so you can enjoy your glass of wine and spellbinding music with no fear of the elements.

Try: there’s a double bill themed on “secrets and lies”, which sounds intriguing.
Where: Holland Park, Kensington
When: Now! Until 3rd August.
Tickets and more information: here.

Wimbledon tennis tournament

But of course. Quite likely, the most civilised sports event of the year. And an excuse to don ridiculous amounts of white, which complements your tanned skin so much. Watch out for those strawberries though, they could ruin it all.

Try: overnight camping for tickets, to make it all markedly less civilised
Where: Wimbledon, duh.
When: 1 – 14th July
Tickets and more information: Here.

Dance at the Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival in 2018. Photo by Kalexander2010 via Flickr, licence CC BY-ND 2.0.

Fill up your hipflasks, gentlemen, for it is time for the Carnival. Notting Hill Carnival is a loveable mess: you will probably lose your friends, get stuck in a crowd somewhere and end up sitting on the pavement with newly met people in colourful dress. This is where your hip flask comes in handy.

Try: if the carnival is too much for you, why not try one of the after-parties in Kensington and Chelsea?
Where: Notting Hill
When: 24-26th August
Tickets and more information: It’s free. Information here.

Classical music is exciting at BBC Proms

Full auditorium, BBC proms at Royal Albert Hall

BBC Proms at Royal Albert Hall. Photo by Ed g2s, via Wikimedia Commons, licence BY-SA 4.0.

Classical music has become very diverse and accessible, and this festival proves the point yet again. Alongside more traditional offerings you can find jazz-inspired music, break beats, and film scores. Also a great way to get your date to turn up dressed like a gentleman, so you could nuzzle against that crisp shirt and lightly scented skin. Ahhh.

Try: “The Sound of Space: Sci-fi Film Music” on 7th August should be awesome.
Where: Royal Albert Hall, South Kensington
When: 19th July – 14th September
Tickets and more information: Yes, sir.

British Summer Time festival returns to West London

If gigs are your thing, BST festival with its two weekends of live music should be of interest. Expect such acts as Florence + The Machine, Barbra Streisand, Bryan Ferry, Celine Dion and Lykke Li. Not to mention plenty of opportunities to get merrily sloshed with your best friends.

Try: Life has been too expensive lately? Come for free daytime activities, such as screenings of Bohemian Rhapsody and Spice World.
Where: Hyde Park
When: 5th July – 14th July
Tickets and more information: Here.

Food: Bigger than the Plate at the V&A

The V&A are putting on an exhibition on sustainable innovations within the food chain. It covers everything from farming to gastronomic experiments. See a toilet made from surplus cow manure and what sausage might look in the future.

Try: see the exhibit of Selfmade, a project that grows cheese out of human bacteria, and cheeses grown from the bacteria of three celebrities.
Where: Victoria & Albert Museum, South Kensington
When: on until 20th October
Tickets and more information: Here.

Get married at Lovebox festival

A well known festival returns to West London with such acts as Solange, Four Tet, Annie Mac and Lizzo. Pack your sunscreen (and, perhaps, a rain poncho, this is London after all) and spend a day or two dancing your socks off at the Gunnersbury park.

Try: try marriage? There will be a wedding chapel at the festival, so that’s your chance! Like Manjula said to Apu in the Simpsons: “hey, we can always divorce”.
Where: Gunnersbury park
When: 12th – 13th July
Tickets and more information: Here.

Chihuly at Kew: Reflections on Nature

red curly tentacled glass sculpture by Chihuly at Kew Gardens

Chihuly’s trippy glass sculpture at Kew Gardens.

Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures have been placed at various points throughout Kew Gardens, giving the familiar walks a fun twist. Chihuly’s art blends well with nature, yet is striking and in-your-face. It’s a little bit like walking in a beautifully designed computer game.

Try: Chihuly Nights is an opportunity to see the sculptures illuminated by the setting sun. Live music, nibbles and drinks available as well.
Where: Kew Gardens, Kew
When: 15th August – 26th October
Tickets and more information: Here.

See you in West London

This should leave you with a reason to visit west London, whether you enjoy wild partying, relaxed sunning or romantic evenings with live music. And while there, perhaps we can tempt you to book some high quality gay massage? Danny, James and William are based in west London, with Brett and Ethan available locally for outcalls. See their profiles.

Title photo by Simone Graziano Panetto, via Flickr, licence CC BY 2.0.