Wet and Wild

Sometimes called ‘aqua massage’, Wet and Wild treatment adds another layer of luxury to your massage. Play in the water with your handsome masseur and have him soap you from neck to toe. It is a pampering with a personal touch that you will not get from your regular spa. You may add this option before or after your massage and have something to look forward to.

A sensual twist to your massage experience

As a rule, we offer showering facilities before and after any of our massages. However, if you would like some extra excitement, Wet and Wild treatment might be for you. Depending on the facilities available at your masseur’s apartment (just give us a call and ask!), your masseur will run you a hot bath or prepare a refreshing shower. Then you will both step in, ready to get squeaky clean. Your stunning masseur will soap you, gently massaging you along the way. You will have the double pleasure of hot water and strong hands as your body gets the treatment it deserves. If you wish to, you may also help your masseur bathe, laying your hands on that exquisite body and caressing his well-defined muscles.

Different options available to suit your needs

You can expect spa-quality supplies and soft, fluffy towels. If you are looking for a gentle soaping, you can book a shorter session, or a longer one if you would like to lay in each other’s hands and play with soap bubbles. It is up to you! You can also choose when you would like your Wet and Wild experience to take place. Bathing before the massage will relax your muscles and prepare you for the pleasures to come. However, you can choose to have your masseur scrub you clean after a steamy massage session, or end it in a calm and luxurious soak in the bath.

A well-deserved pampering at your hotel

This is also an excellent choice for outcalls. Meetings of the day behind you, spend your evening at your hotel with a sensual pampering session. Wet and Wild treatment may be added to any massage, and is a particularly enjoyable conclusion to our Tantric Massage. Once your masseur softly steps out of your hotel, you will sink into a sleep that you haven’t had for a long time – deep and relaxed. And, who knows, you might just dream of your wonderful masseur, who steps into your world every so often to make your dreams come true…

  • masseur in red swim briefs ready for wet and wild bathing ritual